Although they are offered in the same category of appliances for use in a kitchen, fryers are available in various types on the market. Their acquisition involves making an expense, it is best to learn about this device before selecting one so as not to regret your decision. The capacity of this material, the control of its temperature, and the safety of its use constitute the main characteristics to be checked. 

Our buying guide and the classification we have made of some fryers are intended to help you with your research, but if you don’t have time to see them, consider the models that follow. Philips HD9650/96 is very appreciated by the public for the importance of its power allowing to have up to 800 g of fries at a time, and the Rapid Air technology with which it is provided. Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 has a food separator and is equipped with a timer.

Best Deep Fryers 2021

Everyone loves French fries and everyone has their own habits when it comes to how they are cooked, what they taste like, and what equipment they use for cooking. Either way, as long as you use a fryer that has features that can meet your needs, you will always be happy with your fries.

Nevertheless, to avoid having a poor quality product, you must always agree to invest in the model whose price and up to the quality that you expect. In order to better guide you in your choice, here are some models of fryers and their characteristics.

Best Budgeted

COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer

Editor’s Choice

Ninja Foodi 9-in-1

Best of 2021

Philips HD9650/96

1. Philips HD9650/96

This technology is patented and is a real revolution in the world of resistance cooking. In fact, in short, it’s sort of a combination of a grill resistance and fast-moving hot air. Simply put, the hot air spins around the container at high speed with resistors all around to cook the contents faster and in a unified fashion from all over.

  • TheLargest One Fryer
  • 60Minutes Timer With Alarm
  • DigitalTouchpad Button With 1 Year Warranty
  • Auto-Shut Off & On System
  • All Standered Functions with New Keep Warm Function
  • This Philips oil-free fryer is criticized for being a bit noisy. 
  • Compared to other models from other brands, it is still quite bearable.

Really, what we get are tasty dishes that are well cooked in record time. For example, for a portion of fries that does not exceed 800 grams, they can be cooked in just under 10 min. You’ll even get fries that are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, without using a lot of oil. We are talking about a spoon only for fresh potatoes and nothing at all for frozen fries since they already contain fat.


It’s true that we call it an oil-free fryer . However, this revolutionary Philips appliance is more than just a fryer. Apart from the fries, you can already fry everything in it, from cheese balls to breaded chicken thighs. And, like with fries, you don’t use a lot of oil. Sometimes a small spoon is more than enough to cook everything. But that’s not all.

In fact, you can cook other dishes such as chicken, meat, vegetables and even fish. It’s much more convenient than the oven and you can control the cooking without having to watch it. In fact, Philips offers a comprehensive recipe booklet that you can use to make delicious meals in no time and be sure you won’t miss them. It will be your home chef.

Easy programming

Thanks to the recipe booklet found with the Philips fryer , you can quickly learn how to program this appliance. Indeed, there are practically two parameters to adjust and voila. You have to adjust the thermostat according to the recipe, a thermostat that can go up to 200 ° C. In other words, as long as you don’t decide to bake a pizza in it, it works. And, you must also set the timer which will be useful to you.

Once the device is programmed, you don’t have to stand by it unless you feel like watching it on. As soon as cooking is finished, the fryer automatically stops and switches off. You will also have a sound signal. This prevents burns due to exceeded cooking time and in addition, even if you program a longer time than necessary, the non-stick coating of the removable basket and drawer does not leave anything sticking to it.

2. Ninja Foodi 9-in-1

In order to be able to enjoy life, to enjoy eating the most delicious foods that ever existed but which are also healthy, you have to make sure that you choose the best oil-free fryer on the market like Ninja Foodi 9-in-1

  • It takes a lot of counter space
  • It’s super heavy but very well built.
  • Super easy cleanup, seriously easy.
  • Two layer reversible cooking rack
  • 45 Recipe Book with a Stainless Finish
  • It makes quite a bit of noise

For a power of 1760 Watts, this model has a capacity of 2 liters which can guarantee the cooking of 0.8 kg of food for a single preparation.

It comes with a food separator allowing simultaneous cooking of different foods. Which can save you a lot of time in your preparations.

You can set the timer to your liking for the preparation time of up to 60 minutes, but it will stop automatically once the set cooking time is reached. The cooking temperature can also be pre-set up to 200 ° C using the appliance’s thermostat.

The appliance’s cooking basket is compatible with the dishwasher to allow you to easily clean it and cook your food in the best hygienic conditions.

This appliance is easy to use and makes the cooking system faster since it cooks foods without oil thus greatly reducing preparation time.

If it is to be found which is the best performing fryer, this Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 Pressure, Broil, Dehydrate, Slow Cooker, Air Fryer, and More should be considered. It has a large capacity of 2 liters. Its thermostat can go up to 200 ° and its timer up to 60 minutes.

3. COSORI Smart WiFi Air Fryer

The fryer operates at a power equal to 1700 watts. This allows him to play his role quickly. Even if you want to prepare in quantity, it does not waste your time. The device has a capacity of 3 liters of oil. It accommodates a good amount of frying elements to feed your guests quickly even if there are many. This also saves you from repeating the same preparation several times.

  • Operating at 1700 watts, this device does not take time to prepare your preparations.
  • Great Works with Alexa & Google Assistant
  • Smart Wifi With 11 Cooking Presets for Airfrying
  • You can adjust the level of heat used to the type of food you want to fry. This allows you to access a well-done result
  • This product has a viewing window cover to monitor cooking without splashing
  • Manually setting the time and temperature on the Cosori could be a pain. 
  • Sometime Fan Speed Fluctuate

The temperature at which this material plays its role is adjustable. To do this, it uses a thermostat which allows the adjustment to be made between 130 and 190 ° C. You can make the necessary settings depending on the type of food you are processing, be it potatoes, chickens or donuts. The sight window on the lid assists in monitoring the cooking process while preventing spatters that may dirty the area around it.

This model is available with a stainless steel basket with a cold touch handle. Its handling is easy and you can comfortably handle the frying elements without the risk of burning yourself. Its feet are non-slip ensuring optimal stability of this equipment to avoid injury.

Using COSORI Smart fryer allows you to feel the comfort of cooking with a deep fryer. Find over 100 original pre-programmed recipes in the VeSync app to get you started, with new recipes being added weekly. Find even more recipes from Cosori users themselves in our online community

4. Cuisinart CDF-500

For those who would like to have professional quality at home in terms of fryers, the Cuisinart CDF-500 Extra-Large Rotisserie Deep Fryer is the top! A deep fryer will allow you to make delicious fried chicken, crispy on the outside and tender inside, just like in a restaurant. Professional deep fryers are too large and too expensive whether in terms of price, energy, or oil.

  • To cook very diverse dishes, its thermostat is very reliable. The result will be perfect.
  • Even when the fryer is on, its walls remain cold. This is very reassuring.
  • For very easy cleaning and maintenance, the Cuisinart CDF-500 fryer can be dismantled.
  • The filter screen is very practical to save oil because it even collects breadcrumbs. Your oil is clean after each use.
  • The folding handle soaks in oil when you fold it up while your fryer is not yet empty.

Therefore, special models have been designed for home use like the Cuisinart CDF-500 Extra-Large Rotisserie Deep Fryer model. This semi-professional deep fryer is powerful enough to achieve a perfect result. You can use the same oil several times before changing it thanks to the filter screen which cleans it. Your oil will stay clean. A large capacity of 1.3 kg will benefit your whole family and the adjustable temperature gives you more possibilities to diversify your recipes.

You can set the thermostat from 150 to 190 ° C. To protect you from oil splashes, the Cuisinart CDF-500 fryer is equipped with a control window. This fryer is dishwasher safe. Very easy cleaning: you dismantle the tank, the cover, the basket, and the filter which you put in the machine and voila! This is why it is in the third position in the comparison.

Since the Cuisinart CDF-500 fryer is very popular with users, you will be very tempted to set your sights on it and the opinions of consumers will prompt you to decide.

5. Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer

Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 contains the characteristics of the best inexpensive fryer that has been able to meet everyone’s needs since it was put on the market.

  • LCD Digital Display with 12 Cooking Functions
  • 360° Quick Cook Technology and five super-powerful heating elements
  • The general opinion of people who have purchased the deep fryer is that the fries obtained with it are well done, crispy and tasty. 
  • Every multi-purpose hot air fryer we produce is backed by chef-quality design, construction, and support
  • During cooking, odors escape from the appliance.

Its power reaches 1600 Watts to allow you to obtain up to 1 kg of fries during single cooking. This can save you a lot of time with each preparation.

Made of aluminum and stainless steel material, it can guarantee cooking in the best hygienic conditions while providing better decoration in the place where you place it thanks to its incomparable elegance.

It sets it apart from any other model available on the market by its ability to give you flawless cooking of your fries with the minimum odor that you may not experience if you don’t pay it much attention.

Moreover, by virtue of the property of the materials which constitute it, this appliance is easy to maintain and to clean to offer you your fries in the best possible conditions.

If you have a preference for classic fryers, this Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer should be right for you. It is easy to use, its lid opens automatically and above all, it is a less expensive fryer than most of its competitors.

6. Philips HD9220/29 

If you are currently looking for the best fryer or are wondering which is the best fryer on the market, you should see the features of the Philips HD9229 / 29 model because you may be surprised at the discovery you are about to make.

  • It allows you to make more healthy dishes. 
  • It will also relieve your kitchen of the different smells and fumes that fried foods usually produce.
  • You can compare the fries obtained with those cooked in a traditional deep fryer: they will contain almost 80% less fat.
  • The temperature is adjustable and can reach 200 °. You will be able to choose the ideal degree according to the food you want to cook.
  • During the preparation of the fries, you will sometimes have to shake the basket halfway through cooking for even cooking.

For a power of 1450 Watts, this device can quickly give you 800 grams of French fries in a single preparation.

It has Rapid Air technology which ensures that the fat in your fries is reduced by up to 80% so that you are only eating healthy food while ensuring that their flavor is always better.

It comes with a timer allowing you to adjust the cooking time of your fries as you wish, up to 30 minutes. The appliance stops automatically when the previously set cooking time has elapsed while indicating through an audible signal that your fries are ready.

It also comes with a thermostat that you can also use to pre-set the cooking temperature of your fried foods, up to 200 ° C.

In addition, this model comes with a book containing up to 30 recipes so that you can use your device by experimenting with all the culinary preparations that you have always dreamed of making.

With its HD9220 / 20, Philips stands out among the best brands of deep fryers. Check here if this model will be a good ally in your kitchen.

How to Choose a Good Fryer?

Before you consider where to buy a new fryer, you should first take the time to learn about this product by educating yourself about its features. So that you can save time in your research, we have brought you this buying guide for the best fryers through which we will explain the main features to consider. These features include the capacity of the fryer , temperature control, and safety of use.  

The capacity of the fryer

Our advice for buying a good deep fryer is geared toward considering the capacity of each model that catches your eye. This feature is important because it allows you to tailor your choice according to the intended use of the device.

The capacity of a deep fryer is indicated either through the amount of oil it can contain, which is expressed in liters, or through the amount of food it can cook simultaneously, which is expressed in kilograms. 

This amount of oil can vary in the region of 1.5 l to 4 l, while the amount of food to be cooked can vary in the region of 0.7 kg to 2 kg. These measurements should be indicated on the packaging or in the model description, but the important thing is to know how to adapt them to your needs.

If you plan to use this product to cook a limited amount of food then you shouldn’t go for these super high capacity fryers which will waste your time and energy just for heating the oil. ; whereas if you plan to use it to prepare a meal for a whole family, you will save time choosing your model from the large capacity fryers.

Temperature control

If you are wondering how to buy a better value fryer then you should educate yourself about the temperature control system of each model that captivates you. This feature is essential because it allows you to know in advance what type of preparation you can perform with a given model.

Depending on your budget and the type of food to be fried with this appliance, it is important to check in advance whether the model for which you are about to choose cooks with only one temperature or whether it is possible to adjust this temperature at each cooking. The ideal is to choose a model that allows you to control the temperature as you wish so that you have no limits during your preparations.

The safety of its use

To finalize your research and then focus on the price comparison, it would be a good idea to educate yourself on the safety of using each model that interests you. This feature allows you to know in advance whether the use of the model you are interested in is secure or not.

A deep fryer cooks your food through oil heated to a considerable temperature. To prevent you from having accidents relating to splashing this hot oil, it is important to take certain points into account. We suggest that you choose your product from these fryers with a considerable tank depth or with lids in order to limit the risk of this oil splashing on your face.

How to use a Deep AirFryer?

The fryers allow you to cook all kinds of recipes, namely donuts, fish, breaded vegetables and many other preparations. These devices incorporate an easy and efficient cooking method. They heat up quickly and that is one of the reasons they are popular with most households. 

The use of this equipment was previously reserved for professionals, but today it has been such that its ease can be accessible to everyone. However, here are some tips for getting the most out of your device.

Secure the control panel

It is essential to push the control panel firmly down until you hear a small click. This is an essential measure to ensure your safety when using it.

Choose the quality of oil to use

The quality of the oil to be used is also an essential element that must be taken into account. Experts recommend the use of vegetable products that are ideal for this type of cooking. They are rich in omega 3 and 6, and contain a reduced amount of bad cholesterol.

Define the amount of oil

In general, the manufacturers clearly indicate in the instructions the minimum quantity of oil to be used. Therefore, do not exceed this prescription for the device to work properly and you can cook all your preparations.

The frequency of oil change

The oil you use should be renewed regularly after 5 to 6 uses. At this time, remember to filter after each use. As soon as it starts to foam, it is a sign that it must be replaced. On the other hand, if you only prepare fries then you can use them up to 12 times before changing them.

Define the quantity of the potato

The amount of the potato you can put in the appliance will depend on its capacity. Either way, it’s best to avoid overloading the device too much if you want to have well-cooked fries. If you add more than the container can hold then the temperature is bound to drop. At this point, the result will not be uniform and you may waste time.

Choose the right temperature

The choice of temperature depends entirely on what you plan to fry. A heat between 150 and 160 ° C is suitable for cooking fish and vegetables. On the other hand, for donuts and meats, it must be at least between 160 and 170 ° C.

Tips for having perfect fries

For crispy fries, opt for fresh potatoes that you will have to peel well and cut to the size that suits you. You must then rinse with cold water and then dry using a clean cloth. First cook at 150 ° C for 4 to 8 minutes, before a short rest period. Return the preparation to a temperature of 180 to 190 ° C for a more crunchy result.  

Most Popular Brands

Both practical and modern, electric fryer is one of the household appliances that you must have at all costs for the kitchen. And when it comes to choosing one, the most important thing is to trust the best manufacturers on the market. Each brand has its advantages as well as its disadvantages, but the best known are above all: SEB, Moulinex, Philips, Aicok, and Tefal.

SEB may no longer need to be presented to the French, as this brand has become a true reference in terms of domestic equipment, not only in the metropolis, but throughout the world. It has even established itself in recent years as the undisputed international leader in its field. 

The quality of its products is therefore not to be discussed because, in half a century of existence, SEB has rarely disappointed those who have placed their trust in it. And despite its deep traditional values, this company is always on the lookout for the latest technological developments in the culinary field.

The achievements of Moulinex have constantly been a great success. Despite the takeover of the brand by the SEB group, the household appliances that were designed by this firm still continue to please a good number of French people. And it is deserved, given the quality and originality of its products.

Even with a generally very affordable price, Moulinex fryers are both powerful and efficient. It is above all the ideal choice for those looking for a reduced model. Apart from all these good points, it is still useful to point out a few flaws, in particular concerning the design, undoubtedly marked by the a little old side of the factory.

Philips is also one of the largest groups of home appliance manufacturers in the world. Its fryers are mainly intended for professionals. Indeed, their principles ensure the articles an optimal durability. In addition, the parameters of each fryer have been designed so as to be able to cook several different foods apart from French fries, and this, according to gastronomic standards.

In addition, the Dutch firm often recommends simple settings for its products. If you have a large family who cannot be satisfied with a device with a capacity of less than 1 kg, Philips is the recommended brand for choosing between the large models.

Even if it is not as well known to the general public, Aicok nonetheless remains a benchmark brand in household appliances. For those who prefer the practical side to technical standards, it is the ideal choice especially if you want to get a mini specimen.

In addition to being less bulky, Aicok fryers have the advantage of being very easy to use. Note also their low energy consumption. Indeed, Aicok fryers tend to heat up very quickly, which allows a considerable saving in electricity. Although this brand often produces mid-capacity models on the market, it also has several high-end XXL variants. Only downside: the instructions are not necessarily in French, which can annoy some customers.

Much like its competitor, Tefal may not be as famous as its previously mentioned counterparts, but it is nonetheless a brand that offers products with very good value for money.

Recommended for oil-free models, Tefal has mainly built its success thanks to its fryers at the cutting edge of new technologies, with very practical functions such as automatic shutdown or stirring. Despite all this, we often deplore for this sign the fact that maintenance is not always very simple. Indeed, many specimens are delivered with an irremovable tank, which can turn out to be a real problem during cleaning.