The electric lawn mower is a must for maintaining your lawn. If you are considering purchasing one, there are several features to consider. The main consideration for this is the intended mode of use. If you want to mow over large areas, look for copies with a maximum cutting width. To take care of small patches of greenery, a basic specimen will be quite sufficient. Look at the options available. 

The ideal would be to have a device that offers several cutting depths. In addition, a drip tray is more than recommended to prevent you from picking up the bits of cut grass after mowing.

 Among the most coveted at the moment is the Greenworks 40V Lawn Mower which seduces thanks to ProSilence technology, its ease of use, and its high productivity over the long term. The BLACK+DECKER CM2043C is also an interesting model that does not lack appeal. These specimens are both practical and of good quality.

Best Electric Lawn Mowers 2021

A well-maintained lawn is often the result of regular mowing. The Comparative Electric Lawn Mower helps users to choose the most suitable tool for their needs and which provides maximum convenience while showing maximum efficiency.

Best Budgeted

Greenworks 25142 Corded Lawn Mower

Editor’s Choice

Sun Joe iON Cordless Lawn Mower

Best of 2021

Greenworks 40V Brushless Lawn Mower

1. Greenworks 40V Lawn Mower

With the Power of 40V, this is the Best Electric Lawn Mower we have ever Listed. To guarantee the stability of the mowing, this model is a 20-Inch Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower, to work without interruption during the whole session. As for the work surface supported by the device, there is nothing to worry about.

  • Easy to maneuver
  • 5 Number of Cutting Height
  • Charges up very quickly
  • Dual Blade System that gives a clean cut.
  • Deck hangs out slightly Past Wheels to get Edges Better
  • Dual Blades Sometimes don’t Mulch well in thick areas

Power and Productivity

Maintain your garden with a powerful mower that incorporates a 1700 watt motor, equipped with a 45 cm blade. To guarantee the stability of the mowing, this model is of corded type, to work without interruption during the whole session. As for the work surface supported by the device, there is nothing to worry about.

Unless you have a surface area above 750 m 2, this model from the Greenworks range will do. To manage the waste collected during mowing, take advantage of the large capacity of the 50. It Cut 1/3 Acre with a total battery run-time of approximately 70 minutes.

Mowing comfort

To match this model with the most demanding criteria, it is offered new features and improvements. Starting with sound production, notice the difference in noise nuisance produced between lambda mowers and this model, with 75% fewer sound thanks to ProSilence technology.

Indeed, with 750 m 2 of lawn to mow, if the noise pollution is too strong, productivity will be reduced, and therefore one point less for the device. In addition to the sensory comfort of hearing, there is also the tactile comfort of the handlebars of the device. Adjust the length of the handlebars according to your height thanks to the ErgoSlide system, and avoid any pain related to the curvature of the spine.


To help you find the best-corded mower, our choice is also on this model of a benchmark brand in the field. For the 600 m 2 supported by the device, enjoy a running power of 2000 watts. The choice of cutting height is also accessible using an adjustable handle on 7 levels, between 30mm and 100mm. While this model doesn’t boast on the noise issue, it is still comfortable for listening with 96dB of sound level.

  • During your moments of inattention, no longer be afraid to cut the power cord using this element.
  • A warning light also warns you when the bin is full.
  • In order not to disturb during storage, the handlebar retracts on itself and folds on the upper part of the device.
  • The Edgemax housing design and E-drive performance of the unit allow it to cut through tall wet grass.
  • No matter how high your grass is, the BLACK+DECKER will get the job done with an adjustable cutting height with 8 different levels.
  • Some users agree that the noise level of this model remains disturbing, despite the improvements made

To store the waste stored during mowing, a rather special system compresses the grass in the 50 L collection bin. Thanks to this system, the bin can contain 30% more waste, compared to a bin of the same volume. You can control the volume of waste in the bin through the transparent window of the bin.

As for the handlebars, its configuration simplifies on the one hand the grip and, on the other hand, the traction of the device for a minimum of effort to be provided. When it comes to dealing with edging weeds, the Edgemax deck design and the mower’s E-drive performance will help you a lot.

For the power cable that will follow you while mowing, avoid any type of cut by putting a part hooked on the cable guide. As for its overall dimension, it is 88 cm long, 55 cm wide by 41.5 cm high

3. EGO Power+ LM2000-S 20-Inch

With 1,400 Watts of power, this model is possibly the best electric lawn mower available today. This great power allows it to go everywhere and to overcome the most recalcitrant lawns. With a cutting width of about 40 cm, this device will make your job easier by reducing the number of mowing passes up to an area of ​​600 m² of grass.

  • A warning light also warns you when the bin is full.
  • Emptying the bin will no longer be a tedious chore thanks to a very large opening that makes emptying the grass easier.
  • If you do not want to have to empty the bin regularly, you can use the Mulching function which consists of cutting and finely chopping the grass which then rests on the lawn. 
  • No matter how high your grass is, the EGO Power will get the job done with an adjustable cutting height with 8 different levels.
  • We regret the plastic wheel hubs. A more solid material would have been preferable for a better longevity of the device. 

Its collection box with a capacity of 43 liters eliminates the need to collect debris for a long time, which also means less fatigue for you. The height of the handlebars is adjustable. It will thus avoid you the problems of fatigue at the level of the dorsal while allowing you to mow your lawn comfortably.

Likewise, the height of the cup is changeable to meet your needs. For grass cuts sometimes tall, sometimes in the English style, this device offers you access to a multitude of choices in terms of lawn mowing. You have the choice between 8 different positions.

In addition, this mower features 3 pickup modes. The first is mulching, that is, it crushes the grass into very fine particles that can be left behind to feed the lawn. The second is the bin, which means that all the cut grass will be collected in the bin. Finally, the last mode is “no collection”, which saves you from the laborious task of collecting grass after each mowing.

The grass is always greener on the other side? More after this ranking which will allow you to compare the best electric lawn mowers of the moment and thus to magnify your garden. The first mower of our ranking is the EGO Power+ LM2000-S 20-Inch.

4. Sun Joe iON16LM

If you don’t know which electric lawn mower to buy, the features of this model will convince you eventually. Its featherweight of 7.8 kilograms makes it easy to use by the whole family. Even teenagers and the mother of a family will now find pleasure in mowing the lawn.

  • Quiet and Easy to Start
  • With the Sun Joe, you have a cheaper but equally efficient electric lawn mower with satisfactory performance.
  • This model is light and easy to steer. You won’t have a hard time handling it in a small garden
  • The wheels sometimes have a tendency to come off if they are loose. This problem can be solved by either checking the tightenings frequently or by using longer wheel set screws.

It is easy to start thanks to the electric starter and the safety switch offers an additional guarantee of safety for the users. The powerful 900 Watt motor allows you to effortlessly mow lawns smaller than 400 m². This model has large wheels that do not damage the grass.

In addition, its housing is designed to withstand any impact, which means that the engine and accessories are permanently protected. With a cutting width of 30 centimeters, this machine reduces the number of passes when mowing your lawn. This device has a collection box with a capacity of 28 liters. This sufficiently large capacity allows you to store the cut grass without having to empty it during the operation.

This best cordless electric lawn mower has an anti-pulling device on the power cable which is very useful since the mower will automatically stop when you reach the end of the cable. Finally, you can modify the height of the cut thanks to a centralized box in 3 different positions to obtain various heights of grass.

With the number of products offered on the market, it is not clear where to buy the best electric lawnmower. Fortunately, consumers are sharing their opinions on their mowers. So the second most successful mower at the moment is the Einhell BG-EM 1030.

5. Greenworks 25142

This model is in the running to be voted the best electric lawn mower with its many features that meet the demands of different users. It has a lightweight of 9 kilograms which facilitates its transport and use even on sloping ground.

  • Lightweight, Turns Easily
  • It is easy to operate, maneuver, and maintain
  • You can run the mower with one battery installed
  • Modern lithium battery technology, the dreaded memory is gone
  • Cuts and collects grass efficiently because of its bagging and mulching capabilities
  • One of my batteries died after seven months, but GreenWorks did replace this under a week and under warranty.
  • It can overheat even at a short period of time

This mower is very efficient with its power of 1200 Watts and its two-stage transmission by E-Drive belt which allows it to be at ease almost anywhere. You can adjust the cutting height from 20 to 60 millimeters in 3 positions by simply adjusting the front and rear axles.

The large wheels of this model do not damage the grass. This Greenworks model is in fact equipped with an Edgemax system that guarantees unparalleled cutting quality, right down to the edges of your lawn. The capacity of the drip tray is 35 liters. This is large enough to fill up quickly. This will save you time by eliminating the tasks associated with emptying the bin after mowing your lawn.

Besides, it has a viewing window that allows you to see if you need to empty it or not. Finally, this machine has an optimal cutting diameter of 32 centimeters which does not require repeating several passes for efficient mowing.

The Greenworks 25142 10 Amp Corded Lawn Mower finds himself at the 4th spot in our rankingRight away, the details on this mower which seems to be quite interesting, apart from some faults.

How to use an Electric Lawn Mower?

Maintaining your lawn can be overwhelming if you don’t have the right equipment. An electric mower offers you more comfort and will save you more time than with a manual device . The use of such equipment presents a high risk and could cause serious material and physical damage if we do not know the right actions.

How to Use a Electric Lawn Mower?
How to Use an Electric Lawn Mower?

Take security seriously

Before you get to work with your device, remember to take a few precautions. Never leave your hand or foot under the mower deck or under the blades when the equipment is in motion. While starting, stand behind the handlebars and hold it firmly. Also check your lawn before starting your machine. All these measures allow you to maneuver with complete peace of mind.

Get to know your gear

Before turning it on, inspect your garden for stones, toys, or metal objects that can be thrown. They can also damage the blade of your machine. Then after consulting the user manual, you will know about the different parts that make up the item like the handlebars, the feed lever, the starter, the mower deck, and the blade.

Know to better handle the device. If you have a model with a battery , make sure it is charged. A simple push is enough to make the motors run.

Make sure the item is clean

Before each use, turn the machine over and check that the mower deck is clean. Make sure the grass catcher is properly assembled and empty if it has one. The cutting edge of the blades is also to be taken into account. You can sharpen them with a specialist if necessary. After use, clean the housing so that it does not corrode. Clean your equipment by removing the remaining herbs.

Choose reliable equipment

The Bosch Rotak 43 with its 1800 W of power will help you tackle a 600 m 2 lawn without worry. High-performance equipment undoubtedly demonstrates increased maneuverability. The Einhell BG -EM 1030 is flexible and easy to operate products. It is ideal for a small garden or to reach perfectly the edge of lawns near walls or fence.

Control the cutting height

You should not overdo it even if it is to mow your lawn. If a strand is cut more than its half, it becomes brittle. Drought, pests, and weeds attack it easily. Having a machine with which you can adjust the mowing height is the ideal solution. Remember to run the lawn scarifier if your lawn is showing signs of aging.

Don’t forget the neighborhood

It is important to take care of your garden, but not to disturb those around you either. A device that emits 90 DB of volume constitutes a noise nuisance. You can also find out if there are times when you cannot use your machine. Be sure to respect others with a quiet reference. Once the lawn is in focus, you can unfold your folding garden table and enjoy the nice weather outside.

Most Popular Brands

When buying an electric lawn mower, it is often a little difficult to stay on a particular reference, so the choice is so vast. And since you’re never really sure that just one brand will do the trick, it’s always a good idea to draw up a list of the best so you don’t get caught off guard.

Bosch began its race for innovation in 1897 when it fitted vehicles of the time with its brand new low-voltage magneto ignition system. IN 1913, discovered a lighting mechanism, then the windscreen wiper, the flashing light that we don’t even pay attention to nowadays.

Today we find Bosch in garden tools and power tools. Most are equipped with grass collector and ergonomic handlebars. The capacity of these as well as the power differ according to the models. The latter turns around 1200 to 1700 W. The cutting height also varies from 20 to 70 mm.

Many were apprehensive when the news broke that the brand was importing its products from China. So there is plenty to worry about for the quality, however, it is crucial to shed some light on this. Its references belong to the brand, because it has them manufactured there. The company then keeps a close eye on the quality of each series throughout the manufacturing process.

If we were to describe the brand’s electric lawn mowers, we would tell you that they have a collection box with different capacities, that they are capable of a power of around 900 to 1800 W and that they cut on different levels from 25 to 75 mm.

The portable power drill as we know it today, or the trigger switch found on many power tools, we owe them to the company. It filed for a patent in 1917. Following this date, the brand made numerous acquisitions of brands on the market, which had the effect of boosting its activities.  

Black & Decker lawn mowers , there are at least a dozen, yes, at least. To tell you how varied the choice will be. Models of 1200 W, others of 1800 W with 6 cutting heights, are available from the brand. To satisfy the most difficult, it even thought of providing mower + brush cutter kits at the best price.

Alpina products , a brand of Global Garden Product, combine efficiency and aesthetics at the same time. They take a huge weight off the shoulders of gardeners and all those who have a green thumb and who want to pamper their plants of all kinds at all costs. Accompanied by this brand, we now garden in the greatest comfort.

Its lawn mowers can maintain an area ranging from 300 to 900 m². Almost all have a grass catcher, which you just need to empty after mowing is finished. Most push each other.

Gardena shines with its garden hoses, water fountains, and water pumps. But behind is just as well a great specialist in gardening equipment and maintenance of green spaces. It has many points of sale and representatives all over the globe.

In less than half a century, Gardena has grown from a small business to an internationally recognized big name in the world of garden maintenance and tools.

Its devices are suitable for small areas and incredibly easy to use. They embed new technologies that we do not have on other brands of mowers, such as an indicator of the filling level of the tank.