If the use of electric toothbrushes is recommended by doctors, it is because this device allows you to brush properly. Not all of the items on the market are of good quality. To invest in acquiring the right product, you should consider information related to head shape, aesthetics, and functionality in this item.

 For those who have a busy schedule to view our buying guide and models of our top products, the devices judged to be the best based on our analysis are as follows. Oral-B Brush Pro 6000 has a 3D head allowing to have rotation, oscillation, and pulsation at the same time. 

The inclination it offers is ideal for removing dirt effectively. Philips DiamondClean HX9332 / 04 can perform up to 31,000 movements per minute and its bristles are medium-hard indicating its performance.

Our Team has selected some best Electric Toothbrushes of 2022 after a lot of Research and Testing.

Best Electric Toothbrushes of 2022

Best Budgeted

Philips Sonicare HX6876

Editor’s Choice

Oral-B Pro 6000

Best of 2022

Oral-B Pro 7000

1. Oral-B Brush Pro 6000

If Oral-B Brosse Pro 6000 is making so much talk in the world of electric toothbrushes, it is certainly thanks to its head. The latter performs, in fact, 3D movements which allow the user to enjoy an excellent cleaning capacity. 

With this toothbrush by your side, each brushing will be synonymous with delicacy and exceptional results. The big brand recognized worldwide has not skimped in this aspect of its toothbrush. It is one of the best Electric Toothbrush of 2022.

  • Oral-B Brush Pro 6000 is a toothbrush that allows you to easily remove your dental plaques.
  •  The main reason for this is the structure of his head.
  • 14 Days Battery Duration
  • 5 Modes that makes your Teeth Healthy
  • Makes little bit Vibration

The device combines several functions at the same time. That is, you can both enjoy the rotation, the oscillation as well as the pulsation with each brushing. This winning combination makes it possible to get rid of dental plaque entirely and quickly. 

If we put the results obtained with a conventional toothbrush and those which you will have with this electric toothbrush on the same step, the difference will be significant.

Its aesthetics

In addition to the shape of its head as well as its functionalities, we also advise you to turn to the aesthetic side of each model. In this respect, there is nothing to complain about for Oral-B Brosse Pro 6000.

Its design has been worked not only for good practicality but also so that the user can benefit from the innovation. With a rechargeable battery that can last you up to 10 days, just charge it fully and use it properly to enjoy effective brushing every day.

But what do you do when you’re on the go? It’s simple, thanks to the charging base and travel case that come with your package. Wherever you are, this toothbrush goes with you. 

In addition, it does not constitute a bulk for its user, because it is not only light, but its dimensions are also compact.

Its modes and features

In all, you can choose between 6 modes. Standard mode is a type of complete daily cleaning. The gum care mode is used by people who want to gently stimulate their gums. Gentle mode is the function that uses the lower speed to provide gentle and delicate cleaning. Deep cleaning mode extends brushing time for maximum results.

With the polish mode, the toothbrush automatically goes into variable speeds so you can remove all the stains on your dental plaque. Thanks to the luminous pressure sensor, the pulsations stop automatically when brushing is too vigorous. 

Let us not forget also that this toothbrush is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to have real-time advice on your oral health on your smartphone.

2. Oral-B 9600 

If Oral-B 9600 Electric Toothbrush is making so much talk in the world of electric toothbrushes, it is certainly thanks to its head. The latter performs, in fact, 3D movements which allow the user to enjoy an excellent cleaning capacity. 

With this toothbrush by your side, each brushing will be synonymous with delicacy and exceptional results. The big brand recognized worldwide has not skimped in this aspect of its toothbrush.

  • Good Battery life
  • Different Brushing modes
  •  Easily remove your dental plaques
  • Travel case quality and a multi-voltage charger.
  • Also with Oral-B App
  • Little Bit High In Price
  • Too Strong and Make Some Noise

In addition, the performance of this model is enhanced by its bristles angled at 16 degrees for effortless removal on your part of all stains on your teeth. Indeed, this angle of inclination allows these bristles to clean each of your teeth one by one.

If you are wondering which electric toothbrush to choose, then you will be happy to know that the Oral-B 9600 model can be a good option.

3. Philips DiamondClean HX9332

For anyone looking for the best electric toothbrush and especially the best cheap electric toothbrush, the Philips DiamondClean HX9332 / 04 model can meet your expectations.

  • This toothbrush is so stylish that it could be used as a decorative element in the bathroom.
  • This electric toothbrush can perform 31,000 strokes per minute, which will help you save time.
  • Its 84-minute battery life will allow you to brush your teeth for weeks on end for 24-hour recharge time.
  • Philips DiamondClean HX9332 electric toothbrush can help you effectively clean your teeth.
  • It is true that this is a powerful and elegant toothbrush, but its price is still quite high.

This is a model that combines elegance and performance. Capable of accomplishing 31,000 movements per minute, it can help reduce all the stains on your teeth over time through its medium-hard bristles that settle smoothly on your teeth. Thanks to this feature, it can also completely eliminate dental plaque by accessing all areas, even the most difficult to reach.

In addition, this model comes with a Smartimer function and a Quadpacer function indicating respectively the ideal brushing time for your teeth and the brushing time for each area.

In addition, this model has an autonomy of about 84 minutes after being charged for about 24 hours to allow you to take it wherever you go and use it during that time to then charge it when you feel that the 84 minutes will pass soon.

It would make sense to find out about the various options and what is the best electric toothbrush on the market before looking for where to buy the best electric toothbrush. Precisely, we consider the Philips DiamondClean HX9332 / 04 model to be the most efficient at the moment and it might interest you.

4. Oral-B Pro 2000

With the abundance of electric toothbrushes on the market, you are probably asking yourself the questions: what is the best electric toothbrush on the market or which electric toothbrush should you buy? Oral-B Pro 2000 provides you with an answer to these questions.

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Dynamic 16-degree angle for tooth-by-tooth brushing
  • Excellant toothbrush light and easy to use.
  • Some time it usally stuck

Capable of 48,000 movements per minute, this model is able to remove the dental plaque of any thickness through both oscillatory and rotary movements to ensure the health, cleanliness, and incomparable shine of your teeth.

It can achieve brushing of your teeth in two modes namely daily cleaning for the cleanliness of your teeth every day and cleaning in sensitive mode gently treating the deepest and most remote parts of your teeth.

In addition, the performance of this model is enhanced by its bristles angled at 16 degrees for effortless removal on your part of all stains on your teeth. Indeed, this angle of inclination allows these bristles to clean each of your teeth one by one.

If you are wondering which electric toothbrush to choose, then you will be happy to know that the Oral-B Pro 2000 model can be a good option.

5. Oral-B 8000

Faced with the different models that exist on the market, you are surely asking yourself the question: how to choose the product that suits you among the best electric toothbrushes of 2022? To have a satisfactory answer to your question, check the characteristics of the Oral-B 8000 model as they may surprise you.

  • This 3D technology made up of oscillating and rotating movements will help you remove encrusted dirt on and between your teeth as quickly as possible.
  • This electric toothbrush instantly reduces its pulsation if you exert too much pressure on your teeth during your teeth brushing sessions.
  • Sometimes the pressure sensor does not work, which makes brushing quite aggressive.
  • Because of the chrome steel, the electric toothbrush can rust quickly and this limits its life.

It has 3D technology to quickly remove dental plaque thanks to both oscillatory and rotary movements to guarantee both incomparable cleanliness and the gums in their best condition.

In addition, to guarantee you better brushing, it comes with a sensor allowing you to know the level of pressure of the appliance on your teeth. When this pressure level is very high, the pulsation of the appliance stops to warn you that the said level is not suitable for your teeth.

In addition, the bristles of this device enter between your teeth to gently clean them and cover them one by one without exerting too much pressure while indicating to you through its color when to replace them.

According to studies, Oral-B is one of the best brands of electric toothbrushes and since the brand offers a wide range of these devices, never hesitate to compare them. But to make this task easier for you, know that the Oral-B 8000 model could meet your needs.

6. Oral-B Pro 7000 SmartSeries

This toothbrush is many times more effective than a conventional manual toothbrush in removing plaque. This incredible performance is linked to the movements of his head in 3D which combine rotation, oscillation and pulsation. In addition, this model ensures an impeccable tilt in the mouth to effectively remove dirt and dental plaque.

  • This electric toothbrush is able to effectively remove dental plaque, thanks to its head which combines rotation, oscillation, and pulsation during its movements.
  • This wireless display allows you to control the brushing process of your teeth.
  • This option allows you to warn the user and stop the pulsations in the event of too vigorous brushing.
  • Some users complain about the a bit high price of this model, but the most important would be the innovations and performance of this product.

To adapt to all circumstances, this Oral-B brush offers a rechargeable electric toothbrush, 4 brushes (1 Sensitive, 1 CrossAction, 1 FlossAction, 1 3D White) and a charging base with storage for brushes. 

It comes with a sturdy case for easy transport and a wireless SmartGuide display to track your progress while cleaning your teeth via the timer and quadrant guide.

Take advantage of a variety of functions to adapt this toothbrush to your needs: “standard mode” for complete daily cleaning, “gentle mode” for gentle cleaning of teeth, “gum care mode” for gum stimulation , “Whiteness mode” for removing stains, “intense mode” for prolonged brushing and thorough cleaning. 

Thanks to its luminous pressure sensor, the pulsations stop as soon as the brushing becomes too strong.Oral-B is establishing itself as the most widely adopted brand of toothbrushes by dentists themselves around the world. Discover the many advantages of the Oral-B Brush Pro 6000 model.

7. Philips Sonicare HX6876

To make your choice of electric toothbrush easier, when making a comparison, it would be wise to consider models with interesting features like Philips Sonicare HX6876.

  • Thanks to its 31,000 movements per minute, this toothbrush could help you clean your teeth quickly.
  • The Clean & White function will help you clean and whiten your teeth in less than 2 weeks.
  •  Thanks to the Clean function, you can count on this toothbrush to effectively clean your teeth.
  • This is a high-performance toothbrush, but it is a sonic model, therefore likely to deteriorate poor quality fillings.
  • This electric toothbrush is quite fragile and therefore needs to be handled with delicacy.

With the capacity to perform 31,000 movements per minute, this model can remove stains from your teeth just two weeks after its continuous use thanks to its Clean & White mode.

The Clean Mode which lasts approximately two minutes and the White mode which lasts approximately 30 seconds guarantee unparalleled cleaning quality to remove even the most difficult to remove stains so you can keep a bright smile no matter what you eat. 

When cleaning, it creates dynamic fluids capable of entering between each of your teeth to clean them in-depth and for better treatment of your gums.

In addition, for an autonomy of about 56 minutes, this model comes with a Smartimer function to ensure that you respect the ideal brushing time for your teeth. It also comes with a Quadpacer function to help you optimally brush every part of your teeth.

The Philips Sonicare HX6876 electric toothbrush is a worthy model in our opinion and that is why it is in our ranking.

How to Use an Electric Toothbrush?

The health of your mouth is a reflection of your overall health. Since the advent of electric toothbrushes, dentists have continued to recommend them as they remove more dental plaque than its manual counterpart. It also reduces the risk of bleeding. In order not to use your device blindly, discover the secrets to using it properly.

Charge the Toothbrush

The battery of your brush is the element that makes it different from a manual. Before using it, put it on the charger or make sure the batteries are working. Afterwards, you will place the charger close enough to the sink so that you can reach it easily, but not too close to risk electrocuting yourself.

Wet your toothbrush

So that your device is not too stiff during use, it is important to moisten its bristles. Then you can drop the equivalent of a pea of ​​toothpaste on the brush. Be careful not to use too much, as this causes you to salivate more and to finish your brushing too quickly.

Respect the brushing time

The process time with an electric brush is shorter than with a manual. To ensure its effectiveness, be sure to respect at least 2 minutes to perform your movement. Allow about 1 minute for the top teeth and another for the bottom ones.

Apply the correct brushing method

The electric toothbrush replaces the manual brushing gesture with small rotations. So you just have to put the brush on your teeth and let it go. Move it slowly from one tooth to another, on the outside but also on the inside, without forgetting to pass it on your tongue, to remove the bacteria that cause bad breath.

Don’t press too hard

The small rotations performed by the electric toothbrush are enough to gently clean the teeth. There is therefore no need for you to be too brutal, as this action could damage your teeth in the long term. Use only light pressure on the tooth surface since the brush will do most of the work for you.

Wait before brushing

Brutality isn’t the only one that can damage your oral health in the long run. You should also remember that brushing your teeth after consuming an acidic food or drink such as soda or orange juice can erode the enamel. It is therefore preferable that you wait between 30 to 60 minutes before taking action.

Take care of your brush

Remember to rinse the brush head while it is still running. Pass it under a fairly powerful water jet then deactivate it, clean the holder, and the brush separately before putting them away.

brush tip

 It is just as imperative to change it regularly, every three months or so, or if ever the bristles of the brush head come out.

Popular Brands

The effectiveness of a normal toothbrush depends mainly on its user. But with an electric model, it is possible to clean up to the molars without much difficulty. The choice of model must however be made with discernment. This will avoid falling on a bad product that will have a short lifespan.

This brand is recognized for the marketing of dental hygiene articles. She has already worked with other firms such as Gilette and Procter & Gamble. Oral-B was founded in the 1960s by Dr. Robert W. Hutson. Today, it offers toothpastes, mouthwashes and dental floss.

The main activity of this brand is the sale of electric toothbrushes. The specimens all have rounded heads. Each model’s battery can last over two weeks and recharge. The mode, standard or soft, depends on the item purchased. It also has a 2 minute timer, which is the recommended time.

Based in Amsterdam, Philips is a Dutch brand created by brothers Anton and Gerard Philips in 1891. The company’s first production was carbon filament lamps. This article has earned it a prominent place in the European market. Today, the factory in which it all began has become a museum.

This company also manufactures electric toothbrushes. Some have only one mode and others may have five. A timer is built into some to run for around 2 minutes. Battery life ranges from two to three weeks depending on the specimen and most can be recharged.

Fairywill is a company that specializes in the manufacture and marketing of toothbrushes. It sells quality items at prices accessible to the general public. This has earned it fame in the international market. The specimens offered are suitable for children and adults.

The electric toothbrush is a flagship product of this firm. Hers are designed with a timer for two-minute operation, as recommended by dentists. For a recharge of about 4 hours, some can have an autonomy of up to 30 days. Several modes are also available, including white, clean, massage, polish and sensitive. A model can be provided with one or all at the same time.

This firm has dedicated its activity to beauty and personal care. She develops treatments at home, to do yourself. This expert today manufactures gadgets using salon techniques to allow the general public to take care of their appearance themselves, but also of their health. He therefore develops razors for men, articles for hair removal, hair care, massage and others.

This company manufactures dental accessories. The electric toothbrush, for example, is available in several models. The specimens are equipped with a rechargeable battery and have one to four modes.

Professional in the manufacture of products for personal care and maintenance, Spinbrush specializes mainly in the design of toothbrushes. It offers a wide choice of items that meet the standards, but also the needs of its customers.

This company currently markets electric toothbrushes. Various models are sold by this firm, some of which are intended for adults and others for children from three years old. The majority have a rechargeable battery, while others are designed with batteries. These are specially made for people on the move.

How to choose a Good Electric Toothbrush?

An electric toothbrush is a better way to fight dental plaque and provide better hygiene for your teeth. 

Given the abundance of this product on the market and to avoid wasting time in your research, we propose to guide you by indicating the main characteristics to be taken into account before purchasing, namely the shape of the head, the aesthetic side, and the presence of various features.

Buying Guide

The shape of the head

If at the moment you are wondering how to buy a better value electric toothbrush or where to buy a new electric toothbrush, then you will save a lot of time by focusing on the shape of each head. device that passes before your eyes.

Indeed, the effectiveness of brushing is conditioned by the adoption of the best movements including rotary movements each time you brush your teeth. These movements can only be reproduced when the head of your electric toothbrush is round and small enough for the size of your mouth. 

This allows you to both brushes gently without any pressure and easily access hard-to-reach areas of your teeth. As for the bristles that accompany the head of the electric toothbrush, it is better to opt for synthetic and soft ones. 

In the majority of cases, it is clearly indicated that a certain type of bristle is suitable for bleaching, such a type is suitable for polishing and another type has been designed for people with sensitive teeth. You just need to choose the one that suits you best.

The Aesthetic Side

In addition to the shape of the head and the type of bristle that accompanies it, our advice for buying a good electric toothbrush also focuses on taking its aesthetic side into account. Indeed, to optimize your comfort, it is essential to choose an electric toothbrush that has an ergonomic handle or an easy-to-grip size according to the age of the person who will use it.

If you are a whole family wanting to use it, then choose your toothbrush from the models that have room to put different heads belonging to each member of your family. If you fear dust, then opt for the models that come with a cover on the brush head.

The Presence of Various Features

In a buying guide to the best electric toothbrushes, people always tend to check the price comparison without really understanding why two perfectly identical products, when viewed from the outside, have different prices.

In most cases, the difference lies in the features that come with each device. Some toothbrushes have visible batteries to know its level while others do not. Some devices allow you to take advantage of several brushing modes, including the mode suitable for sensitive teeth and have a pressure sensor while others do not. Either way, the best device for you is the one that has all the features you need.