So that the baby is always at a good height wherever you put him and so that he can always feel in comfort, a high chair should be purchased considering some information. The goal is to make sure that you do not come across a model whose specifications indicate that it is a bad product. 

The safety standards and the comfort of the use of this device should be at the center of your concerns. The following models are the items we recommend the most if you don’t have time to see our buying guide and the classification of some of these types of equipment. 

The Geuther chair Tamino Naturalis essential to comfortably install the baby so that it is at the height of adults. It is sufficiently robust thanks to the type of wood chosen. In addition, there are several built-in settings to adapt to each child. 

In addition,  Kinderkraft Fini 2 in 1 Scalable is a fairly light high chair. Its weight is only 5.1 kg. So you can move it anywhere without difficulty. Its steel and plastic design have a lot to do with it.

Best High Chairs of 2021

High chairs are available in large numbers and variety on the market for a price often commensurate with their quality. To guarantee the safety and well-being of your child so that he can grow up in joy and cheerfulness, having a high chair is always more practical. But to avoid choosing the wrong product for your child, it will be necessary to invest a little.

The few high chair models below are available to better guide you in your choices.

Best Budgeted

HT Baby HighChair

Editor’s Choice

HEAO Folding HighChair

Best of 2021

Abiie Wooden High Chair

1. Abiie Beyond Chair

The purchase of this high chair is recommended so that your baby is at the right height when you feed him for example. This way, you can have lunch together on the table without your child feeling left out. You can also notice that it is accompanied by a meal plan at the back.

  • Available in Six Colors
  • It is an evolving chair that accompanies
  • your baby as he grows. 
  • The height and depth are adjustable according to the size of the child.
  • It is a high-quality scalable chair that offers great reliability in use. 
  • It also combines stability and comfort thanks to its wooden design. 
  • Moving this chair is not very practical because of its fairly heavyweight as well as its dimensions which cause a little bulk
  • Little Bit High in Price


This component is very useful for providing greater security of use. Indeed, it guarantees the stability of the whole to eliminate any risk of falling. In terms of construction, this model is made with solid beech wood which enhances its strength. As for the finish, it is meticulously done to offer a beautiful result. In addition, this chair does not require the use of a harness since it is able to offer a good hold.


One of the peculiarities of this chair is its evolutionary design. That is to say, it can change depending on the age and size of the user. For this, the height and depth are adjustable at the level of the seat and the step. The adjustment is done quite simply without you having to use any tools. The optional tray holds all the objects that could fall. This is because it is designed with raised edges. 

Obviously, this component is very easy to take apart when your child no longer needs it. In addition, this model is compatible with the Rocco deckchair to adapt to small babies. You can also add a padded seat which is available as an option if you wish. In any case, this high chair is capable of supporting a weight of 85 kg. This testifies to its quality and especially its increased lifespan.


The design of this chair also takes into account the well-being of your child. Indeed, it is high enough, and its backrest is wide enough for your baby to be properly supported. You will have no difficulty to install your little one there thanks to the central arch whose locking and unlocking are done in one click.

The space at the level of the seat is also optimized so that the child is completely free in his movements while being secure. Also, the delicacy of this chair allows it to fit into any space without getting in your way on a daily basis.

The assembly is greatly simplified even if you have no idea in DIY. When you no longer need it, this furniture can be stored without any constraints. In addition, it is easy to maintain since it suffices to wipe it with a sponge.

2. Graco Blossom High Chair

To feed your child, there is nothing more practical than a high chair. However, with the large number of models available on the market, choosing a high chair is far from easy.

  • Given the softness of the seat, your child will be comfortably seated.
  • This model is equipped with a footrest which is perfectly removable.
  • Not requiring any specific product, a wipe of a damp cloth will suffice to clean it.
  • Available in 7 Colors
  • Considering its size, this chair will not take up too much space, which is very practical when you live in a small apartment.
  • Unlike other models, this chair cannot be folded, which could be practical especially for its storage.
  • The location of the harness does not allow the child to adopt a good posture.

Space-saving, this model is 57 cm long, 65 cm wide and 97 cm high. As for the height of the backrest, it is equal to 38 cm. Also note that the leg spacing is 64 x 58cm while the seat width is measured at 22 x 28cm. Regarding the tray, it is 19 cm long and 36 cm wide.

Lightweight, this high chair weighs only 5.1 kg. This featherweight comes mainly from the combination of several materials, namely plastic, wood and steel. Indeed, its structure is made of plastic, but also of steel while the four legs are made of beech wood.

Design level, this model is quite discreet. This is made possible by its gray finish. Practical, the tray incorporates three adjustment points. In addition, the latter is perfectly washable. Also note that this chair was primarily designed for children from 6 months to 5 years old.

3. Chicco Polly 

In your search for the best high chair and specifically the best 3 in 1 high chair, it would be wise to check out the features of the Chicco Polly model as they may surprise you.

  • The possibility of adjusting the height in 6 positions is a real advantage in everyday life.
  • It allows you to avoid bending too much, reducing at the same time the risk of suffering from back pain.
  • Buying this Chicco Polly is a good investment, as it will serve you well for a while and will follow your child’s growth up to 3 years old.
  • The high chair function allows you to put your child at the same level as you. This will make it easier to monitor and maintain.
  • Parents who have been able to test this chair find that the rear wheels do not help when it comes to moving the chair.
  • Little Bit High in Price

In fact, with a well-kept design and unmatched performance, this model is suitable for your child from birth to third year.

It can be adapted to the ideal position for your child according to three age groups namely between birth and sixth month, between sixth month and twelfth month and between first year and third year. This allows you to do all your chores and at the same time watch your child grow comfortably in the same chair for their first three years.

After birth until the sixth month of your baby, this high chair allows him to be comfortable through its reducing cushion and to be well awake through the magnificent play of color of its bar. At this stage, this model can be used as a deckchair.

Between its sixth and its twelfth month, this model becomes a high chair allowing children to recline the backrest in three very comfortable positions at this age. And between its first and third year, this model can take on the configuration of a children’s chair when you remove the double tray.

In addition, well coated, its finish and its compactness during transport make this model very comfortable for you as well as for you your child.

Many parents wonder which is the best performing high chair available on the market. The Chicco Polly Magic 3 in 1 which serves as both a high chair and a recliner could very well be the answer.

4. HEAO Folding High Chair

HEAO High chair is a high chair model whose characteristics provide a relevant answer to the question: How to choose the model that suits you among the best high chairs of 2021?

  • For better comfort, the back of the chair can be adjusted to 3 different positions: upright position (seat), rest, and lying down.
  • Nothing better than a 5-point harness to guarantee Baby’s good support. Thus, he does not risk falling from his chair
  • Available in 6 Colors
  • The instructions are not really a great help during the assembly. 

Made of a combination of plastic, steel and PVC, this model is both elegant and efficient capable of offering your child unparalleled comfort. Its elegance offers you joy and good humor seeing your child sitting on a real wonder. The materials that constitute it have no risk of having side effects on its health.

It is suitable for children who can sit still, between the ages of 6 months and 5 years. At this age, the child needs to be free in his movements without any risk of falling or having any accident. To provide maximum comfort and safety for your child, this high chair comes with a five-point belt and a system to prevent it from slipping under the tablet.

Besides, the distance between the seat and the tablet can be adjusted, the tablet is removable so that you can wash it anytime. The possibility of adjusting the tablet allows your child to always be adapted to the chair regardless of his age while their removable allows him to be guaranteed to be always clean and to live in a healthy environment, without germs or at least with as few germs as possible.

Moreover, so that your child is always at the right height wherever you place him, he can be stretched out or folded in five different heights. This flexibility is pleasant for your child’s growth thanks to the possibility of being free in his movements.

Parents wishing to purchase a high chair prefer to rely on consumer reviews before making their purchase. In the ranking of high chairs acclaimed by customers, the Infantastic Adjustable is certainly one of the most popular models.

5. HT Highchair 3 in 1 Scalable

If you are looking for the best Normal Expensive high chair, then the model that suits you the best is HT Baby Highchair with 3 in 1 Scalable Function.

  •  It is very firm on the carpet.
  • Elegant design and easy to Assemble
  • To support your baby’s growth, you can easily adjust the levels of seating and footrests.
  • If you had to compare the best high chairs around, the HT HighChair would probably be the most stylish.
  • High-Quality and more Safty Made with Non-Toxic Plastic
  • It’s a bit Difficult to get the Tray Out
  • Little Bit Expensive

Suitable for children at least 6 months old, it includes both design and comfort for your baby for availability in the market at a reasonable price.

In terms of its design, this chair displays on its innovative materials mixtures of trendy colors to permanently offer joy and cheerfulness to your child. The color of the high chair can play an important role in your child’s mood as they will be in it for a long time every day.

This model’s tablet and harness are all removable to give you even more freedom wherever you place your child without having to worry about their position being uncomfortable and there is nothing you can do about it. The removability of these elements allows your child to be free in his movements and in his positions so that his bones can develop well and he can grow well.

In addition, the seat of this model and its footrest are both adjustable and can be changed as your baby grows so that they are no longer suitable for him.

In addition, always with the aim of providing comfort for both you and your child, the cushion of this model is washable. This possibility of washing the cushion allows you to keep your child in the best hygienic conditions possible to prevent him from being exposed to germs because at this age he is still too vulnerable to various childhood illnesses.

Parents who are wondering which high chair to choose for their child usually rely on the safety and convenience factor. But the design could also be taken into account. The Evolutive Badabulle has a very attractive look, and it will adapt to the evolution of your child’s age thanks to its evolutionary mode.

6. HEAO Folding HighChair

HEAO the most attratice Baby High Chair Making. This is explained by the quality of its products, but also by the diversity of its catalog. Equipped with four legs, this model is perfectly stable. In addition, the feet are made of wood, which is a guarantee of strength.

  • Considering its size and its featherweight, this chair will be very easy to move. 
  • In addition, it will easily find its place in the house.
  •  The 5 point harness provides excellent support.
  • The cover that protects the seat can be removed quite easily and remains perfectly washable. To clean it, a well-moistened sponge will do the trick.
  • The assembly will not take you much time.
  • Unlike other high chairs, this model is only available with one finish.
  • High in Price

Measuring 48cm long, 38cm wide, and 84cm high, this model won’t take up too much space. In addition, it is equipped with a 38 cm long and 22 cm wide top and a faux leather seat which is 52 cm high. As for its weight, know that this model weighs 4 kg, which is not much.

Modular, the tray is perfectly removable and can be adjusted in three different positions. Aside from that, also note that the four legs come apart quite easily. In terms of safety, this high chair incorporates a 5-point harness.   

Very sober in nature, it will blend perfectly into any decor. As for its maintenance, the latter remains very easy to achieve. Regarding its use, it is suitable for babies from 6 months, but also for children over 10 years old.

How to Choose the Best High Chair?

In addition to offering more comfort to baby during meals, the high chair allows him to feed him in a more secure manner. On our price comparison, you will find our advice for buying a good high chair and the main characteristics to check before buying: the material of manufacture, safety standards and comfort.

The Manufacturing Material

The choice of model remains very important when buying a high chair. This first includes the material from which the chair was made: wood or plastic? It all depends on your tastes and comfort expectations.

While the wooden high chair is stronger and sometimes more stylish, it can take up more space than the plastic chair. A plastic model, on the other hand, is compact and more comfortable since it is usually equipped with a reclining seat. In addition, it remains easier to clean.

To help you know how to buy a better value high chair, we also suggest that you consider when choosing a model whether the chair is simple or scalable. If the high chair will be provided just for the baby’s first meals, choose a single chair. Otherwise, choose an evolutionary model equipped with a reclining backrest and a footrest, both adjustable.

A scalable model also generally has a tray and a removable harness, which makes it easier to clean and transport. If you often have to move with the baby, prefer a nomadic high chair to a sedentary chair.

 Safety Standards

When shopping, it’s not enough to just identify where to buy a new high chair. The security of the chosen model is also not negligible. Check that the model you want to buy complies with NF S54-007 safety standards to ensure that the backrest height is correct.

Remember to check the stability of the high chair while making sure that your child cannot access its hinges, to avoid pinching their fingers. The chair must also have a safety harness with 5 attachment points, to ensure the baby’s stability and prevent him from slipping during meals. The seat volume, meanwhile, should be large enough to match the height of a 2-year-old.


In order for the baby to feel perfectly comfortable in his high chair, you will have to attach great importance to the comfort offered. As with the models offered in our buying guide to the best high chairs , choose chairs with padded seats.

A padded seat will be more comfortable for the baby’s bottom and will prevent him from getting tired quickly while sitting. For older babies, a footrest will optimize their comfort.

To further contribute to baby’s comfort during feeding, make sure that the chosen high chair has a reclining backrest. The ideal is to choose a high chair with an inclination of the backrest in three positions, to vary the seats of the baby and prevent him from quickly getting tired of the back.

How to use a High Chair?

Feeding baby while we feed ourselves may not be fun. It is therefore necessary to secure the appropriate equipment to do this. In this case, the high chair will offer you the best solution. Among the most prominent models we can for example quote: the Chicco Polly Magic 3 in 1, the Peg Perego Prima Pappa Diner, or the Hauck Mac Baby.

Make sure your child is fit to sit

Don’t forget that these pieces of furniture have been specially designed for babies with more or less already reinforced backs. Above all, do not go and install a newborn baby under 7 months old.

Monitor your little one at all times

Although these items are equipped with safety features, kids still tend to make movements that are beyond our imagination. They could then come loose and fall. So keep a watchful eye on them at all times.

Adjust the straps and crotch belts

For baby’s comfort, it is still preferable to adapt these fasteners so that he can sit comfortably without being embarrassed. Avoid over-tightening them, but also make sure they don’t come off easily.

Check the correct layout of the tray

This element of the high chair has been adapted so that you can put your child’s small dishes in it. It was in no way installed there to prevent the latter from falling. However, make sure the locks are in place so they don’t hurt your baby.

Use extra care when handling a folding chair

These models remain a little more dangerous than the classic categories. Indeed, you will have to make sure that the bindings are well maintained during assembly. It would be deplorable if they let go just when you install your child. And when unfolding, keep your baby out of reach or he could get a finger caught in the joints of the closure device.

Prohibition on standing

This position remains very unsafe for the baby. Moreover, the straps were not designed to support a child who stands up. The latter could then detach his safety devices and have a bad fall afterwards. And this will not be minimal.

Keep older children away from the chair

These pieces of furniture have been adapted to support a precise load. If this is exceeded, the whole could very well collapse, and will be very annoyed to find a new model. On the other hand, also prevent children from teasing each other while eating. Accidents happen far too quick.

Follow the instructions for use

First, make sure it is understood with the object. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to use it correctly and to assemble it properly. Know that this operation is not to be taken lightly. One misstep and you could put your baby’s life in danger. In addition, the user manual will also tell you the instructions for the maintenance of the item in question.

Maintain your furniture

For foldable devices always ensure that the joints are well oiled. This will prevent you from having to use force each time you need to mount the object. This will also prevent rust on the screws.

Most Popular Brands

All the baby’s universe must be prepared in advance for its fulfillment and development. The materials and equipment helping its evolution must be well chosen. A high chair, for example, is useful for a variety of reasons. It allows you to put the little one on a good level in any place, so that he is at his ease. However, for this to take place, it is necessary that the media meet a certain security standard. Therefore, you must know how to choose the best model that guarantees peace and comfort at the same time.

For more than 60 years, this brand from the Italian manufacturer Artsana, has not stopped doing the maximum to excel in its field so as to please both parents and infants. These are several types of products, especially when it comes to meals, walks or toys. All to make your parenting journey as easy as possible.

Chicco makes its main objective the happiness of toddlers so that their growth takes place in the best conditions. Its high chairs are easy to move and practical. So be aware that they are also less bulky and of quality if you want to decide to get some.

This factory has been present on this estate for 20 years now. Babymoov is an invention of 3 fathers wishing the happiness of their fellow men. This reference is now present in many countries.

She specializes in the creation of products for babies, while combining practicality and reliability. It takes into account especially the development of parents in order to help them take care of their little ones in serenity. Its items, including the high chair, are designed from both smart and innovative solutions. The brand is considered to be the first “smart” childcare brand.

The company started its activity more than 30 years ago. She designed the yellow sign for any parent driving “Baby on Board”. Its production of effects for babies has continued over the years. She focused on making safety tools for children as well as for homes. Even today, the company offers special and innovative items focusing on the protection of toddlers.

Safety 1st offers safe devices that help you avoid household accidents to which your children are exposed. This brand therefore remains a reference if you are looking for a high chair.

The company was founded in 1924 under the name of Moquin-Breuil. At first, she only created wooden pipes. It was a little later, in 1970, that she launched into the production of trinkets. It is a French company which is headquartered in Lavans-lès-Saint-Claude in the Jura. It was once the French number one in toys and held second place throughout the period. The benchmark always aims for excellence in accessories or furniture for infants. This is why buyers very often turn to this brand.

The company took care of everything related to the world of toddlers since its inception in 1921. Their priority has always been the safety and well-being of the child. Therefore, all its products meet a certain standard to ensure the protection of the baby from birth to kindergarten age.

Today the company is one of the best in the world of strollers and accessories for little ones. She keeps looking for new ideas to make her articles happy for parents around the world. If you are looking for a reliable high chair with a beautiful design, then you will be satisfied with Hauck. Moreover, the brand works in close collaboration with the famous Disney compan