Even if the principle of the use of an ironing board is almost the same, you should know that this device should not be bought without thought. It is imperative to base yourself on information regarding the size, height, and roofing system of this product before making a choice.

 It is a way of acting allowing to miss an item which could lead to an unnecessary expenditure of money. The ideal is to consult our entire buying guide and the list of the best models following the analysis that we have made of these products. 

However, if you don’t have enough time to do this, know that the Leifheit Air Active Express M is an adjustable board. Thus, you will not get tired quickly, as you can adjust the height of the table to suit you. Arredamenti Italia_621-N is Italian manufacture, interesting thanks to its quality.

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JATA Step Ladder

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Bartnelli Pro Luxury

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Leifheit Ironing Table

Best Ironing Boards of 2021

To allow you to be at the right height and comfortably iron your clothes, it is necessary to have an ironing board that is suitable for you. Among the different models available on the market, to have the best quality one, you have to make a little investment.

Here are some models that can better guide you in your choice.

1. Leifheit Ironing Table

This ironing board is compatible with steam irons or steam stations. It has 2 functions: a suction function and for the other, the ironing surface is inflatable.

  • The height of this ironing board is adjustable
  • Everyone can therefore use it easily.
  • Very light ironing board with good function
  • Folds very tightly and Save Space
  • A little Bit High In Price
  • Sometimes it takes a little adaptation to use a steam station with this ironing board.

For the first, the table places the laundry on the surface. The suction allows good penetration of the steam into the textile fibers. The excess steam is sucked in. Thus, the laundry comes out perfectly dry and without wrinkles.

For the second function, there is a blower system. The laundry is therefore placed on an air cushion. It is therefore no longer necessary to press to have a perfect ironing. It leaves no creases or marks. Even the most delicate fabrics are well treated. These 2 active functions are turned on or off using a switch.


Thanks to the active functions of this ironing board, ironing is much easier. The blower and the suction function as pre-ironing. So when you pass the steam iron, the work is already well advanced. By this system, the time spent on this household task is divided by 2. Thus, the consumption of electricity is reduced. 

In addition, the result is better compared to traditional ironing. No more creases are visible on the laundry and the operation leaves no marks. This is due to the steam which acted on the fibers of the linen. This ironing board is foldable. Once folded up and stored, it, therefore, saves significant space.

Practical and versatile

Measuring 118 cm long by 38 cm wide, the ironing board is suitable for all types of laundry. Fully folded up, the table has the following dimensions: 165.3 x 46.2 x 15 cm. It is therefore quite compact. To avoid having to use an extension, the table has a built-in NF socket. 

The iron or the steam station can be plugged directly into it. And to put these devices, the table is equipped with an iron rest. Its size, 31 x 28 cm, can safely accommodate the steam station. The recess is suitable for all standard irons.

The height of the table is adjustable. You have a choice between 75 and 100 cm high. The 4 non-slip feet ensure perfect stability. A locking system is integrated to ensure the safety of children and to make moving the table easier. This transport is also facilitated by the low weight of the light and quality plastic ironing board.

2. Arredamenti Italia Stirocomodo

Tired of wrinkles and wrinkles in your clothes? You are used to using a classic table for ironing your clothes, but this type of support does not always give the desired results. By using an ironing board, you will get a better result. By choosing this article, you will be sure to have a quality board.

  • This ironing board is made of solid beech
  • This wooden material gives it a natural color
  • It is robust and solid
  • It is very aesthetic.
  •  The high cost of this board may be off-putting.
  • It is certainly made of quality material.
  • Some basic functions which for some do not justify its value.

Made in Italy, this board is made of a quality material: solid beech wood. Its networked surface is drilled and galvanized. Its top offers a good work surface with its 108 x 45 cm. It is covered with a layer of 100% cotton fabric. 

This one is paired with a small bonus board located below. The latter serves as a corner towel rest. A grid serves as an iron rest and steam generator.

For more ergonomics, this ironing equipment is adjustable to 4 heights: 84, 88, 91, and 93 cm. It is easy to move with its swivel casters. It is also compact and easy to store. It can easily be slid between two doors or in a cupboard. Folded, it is 119 x 48 x 13 cm. It weighs 12 kg.

3. JATA Step Ladder Ironing Board

Jata Step Ladder Ironing Board is a somewhat special ironing board. Indeed, it is a 2 in 1 product that acts as an ironing board but also a stepladder. The second product has been added to help you easily store your well-ironed laundry in a tall cabinet. But the stepladder can also be used elsewhere and for other reasons.

  • Two Function in-one product
  • It’s super practical, you have ironing board and ladder in one
  • Very Comfortable and Easy to Use
  • Little narrow for an ironing board
  • Little Bit Small

This ironing board has the right size thanks to its 107 x 34 cm ironing surface. It has a compatible iron installation for those with steam. This is useful in order to be able to pass the iron vertically or horizontally without having to worry about the iron falling or burning clothes. 

The thickness of the fleece which serves as the ironing surface is very flat and thick as desired for good ironing. In addition, the product enjoys an excellent reputation for the strength and robustness of its material.

4. Brabantia Steam Rest

The leader in Europe in household items, Brabantia is a Dutch group created in 1919 whose reputation is well established. With an adjustable height of 63 to 102 cm, the Brabantia Steam Rest ironing board allows you to iron both sitting and standing.

  • A very wide table
  • Clever locking system
  • Automatically locks according to the position you have chosen.
  • It prevents the base from accidentally unfolding during storage and transport of the ironing board.
  • Little Bit High in Price
  • Unsuitable for left-handers

Its tray has a rounded top, which makes it easier to iron pants and shirts. And to allow you to temporarily rest your iron, this ironing board is equipped with an iron rest, making it very practical. It also prevents brown marks on the ironing surface.

A triple layer of materials, namely a 100% cotton cover, felt and foam, protects the tray and gives a feeling of comfort when ironing. The ends of the top are also rounded and the base 35 mm in diameter designed asymmetrically to facilitate ironing of pants and shirts.

Functional, the Brabantia Steam Rest ironing board prevents your back pain and transforms the chore of ironing into pleasure, thanks in particular to its adjustable height. All of these advantages have given the Brabantia ironing board appreciable qualities that place it in second place compared to the most popular model described above.

Those of you who have not yet figured out which model is best for you among the ironing boards available on the market, the Brabantia Steam Rest wins a lot of votes. On the web, many users post their favorable opinions.

5. Mabel Home Extra-Wide

To make it easier for you when searching for the best ironing board model, make a comparison and include in your selections models with exceptional features and design like Mabel Home.

  • With this model of the ironing board, ironing becomes quick and easy.
  •  You will be able to benefit from a certain comfort when ironing.
  • This ironing board will save you from serious back problems.
  • Extra wide surface gives you a bigger surface to work on
  • People who like to iron like professionals regret the fact that this ironing board lacks fins.
  • Little Bit High in Price

This model designed to allow you to iron your clothes with the minimum of effort is both robust and more ergonomic to accomplish your tasks without worrying that you will not sleep well at night because of an illness back.

It comes with a lowering shelf for steam stations to guarantee you fast ironing for an incomparable result.

With a length of 130 cm and a width of 48 cm, the ironing surface of this model is very large so that you can carry out your task comfortably even if the clothes to be ironed are very large.

Compact and lightweight, weighing only 8 kg, you are free to use it where it suits you best without worrying about a possible displacement problem.

The Mabel Home model is an interesting answer to the question “Which ironing board to choose?” “. Moreover, it is largely thanks to its quality that it appears in our ranking.

6. Nisorpa Wall Mounted Iron Board 

Thanks to its rather interesting design and features, Nisorpa White may be the best wall mounted ironing board that has ever been on the market.

  • Turning Mechanism
  • This ironing board is very sturdy so you can hope to keep it for years to come.
  • This ironing board has the right dimensions so that you can enjoy some comfort while using it.
  • For people who don’t know much about DIY, mounting and securing to the wall can be difficult.
  • If it is not properly secured, the table may fall under the weight of the iron or a fairly heavy steam generator.

This model of ironing board can be mounted on the wall and can be unfolded at any time when you go to iron your clothes allowing it to be placed in a larger room as well as in a more confined space.

The main advantage of this model is that the room where you place it keeps the same space it had before the installation of the board when you fold it outside of ironing times. As a result, it can be placed in a kitchen as well as in a dining room or even in a living room because once it is folded its shape constitutes a simple decoration of the room where you integrate it.

Thanks to this feature, this model can be stored or moved with the minimum of effort on your part.

Due to its sufficiently robust surface, this model can be used for ironing both with a conventional iron and with a steam generator.

If you’ve finished comparing the best ironing boards around, you may have stumbled upon the Pegane Murale White model. If you want our opinion, this is a good ironing board.

7. Bartnelli Pro Luxury 

If the question “how to choose the right model from the best ironing boards of 2021” is still unanswered for you, check the features of the Bartnelli Pro Luxury model as they can give you a satisfactory answer.

  • This ironing board has a steel frame, and therefore, it can accompany you over time.
  • It has Adjustable Height and with Iron Stand
  • Large and and Practical Shelf
  • It’s wider than traditional ironing boards
  • High in Price

Manufactured primarily from steel, this model is very resistant and is durable over time while guaranteeing through its white color a better adaptation to the decoration of the room where you integrate it.

It has a large tray 130 cm long and 48 cm wide to allow you to be more comfortable with each ironing, even if the clothes to be ironed are very large.

This model comes with a steam generator rest allowing you to no longer worry about where you are going to place the appliance to minimize your efforts at the time of each ironing. 

As accessories accompanying this model at the time of delivery can be mentioned apart from the steam generator rest, an electrical outlet, and a linen rest. Moreover, compact and more or less light, this model is easy to move.

If you are wondering which ironing board performs the best, then the Bartnelli Pro Luxury model might be an interesting answer. Moreover, its flashy patterns will motivate you to iron.

8. Vileda Viva Express 

Faced with the feeling of bewilderment that you may feel because of the abundance of ironing board models on the market, you may wonder which is the best ironing board on the market or which ironing board to buy. 

There are countless answers to this question but to narrow your search take the time to look at the characteristics of the Vileda Viva Express model as they may surprise you.

  • Its well-kept design is very pleasant to look at and in addition, its interesting design will allow you to iron everything on it.
  • Thanks to its metal structure, you can keep this ironing board at home for years to come.
  • Best Ironing Board in Cheap Price
  • A Little Bit Small
  • Because of this lightness, this ironing board is unstable and it is a little dangerous, because accidents are therefore not far away.

Thanks to its neat design, this model is stable, solid, light and handy to offer you maximum comfort with each ironing.

The surface of the board is made of metal with a foam on it that allows steam to pass through, so you get a better result in a short time when ironing your clothes.

This model has 153.5 cm in length, 41 cm in width and 5.5 cm in height. These dimensions show that this board is large enough to allow you to be freer and have more space when ironing your clothes.

If you are looking for a cheaper ironing board, then the Vileda Viva Express model might interest you. Indeed, it has the right dimensions to offer you real comfort when ironing and in addition, it is easy to handle.

9. Brabantia Solid Steam Unit Holder

Ironing can be a grueling and tedious household chore. This is one of the reasons Brabantia Solid gave us the model, a steel ironing board. No matter what iron you use, this table will meet your every need. The iron rest will support all the steam generators, you don’t have to worry about this.

  • This ironing board is very stable. It doesn’t move an inch when you walk over it.
  • This model is one of the few that can support all types of irons.
  • A system prevents the table from accidentally closing. It offers a level of protection that meets all applicable standards.
  • This table was made with heavy duty stainless steel. Moreover, the warranty that accompanies it is ten years.
  • The color of the cover is a little sober
  • Little Bit Price is High

The Brabantia Solid is an extra stable chainring. The frame of this product was made with 25mm steel tubing. As mentioned, the generator stand is suitable for all types of irons. You can, therefore, use a steam generator or a more conventional iron.

To prevent the table from suddenly closing, this item has been fitted with a safety system which is very practical if you have children. The cover is made of 100% cotton and is reinforced with an ultra-resistant underlay. The table legs have been fitted with non-slip end caps. 

Please note that this Brabantia ironing board comes with a 10-year warranty.

If you are looking for an ironing board that is sturdy while looking good, then the Brabantia Solid Stean Unit Holder Ironing Board. Size C, Wide, Leaf Clover is the most popular model right now. On comparative sites, this model only collects positive opinions about it.

How to choose a Good Ironing Board?

Where to buy a new ironing board? To easily find an answer to this question, make sure you know the basics of that product to know which one is right for you. We’ve brought you this buying guide to the best ironing boards to give you an idea on which features to consider. 

These characteristics include the size of the product, the height of the board, and the cover system of the board.

Purchase Guide


To limit the time you spend on your research, our tips for buying a good ironing board are geared towards considering the size of this product in the first place. Considering this feature before purchasing is important, as it lets you know in advance whether the model you are interested in can iron the type of laundry you have in your home.

A small ironing board is ideal for touching up ironing on a garment that you are going to wear before putting it on because it has wrinkled in your cabinet, for example. Such a model will tire you quickly if you plan to use it for ironing all your clothes and even bedding.

If you have more space to devote to this product, the ideal is to opt for a larger model having at least 120 cm in length and 30 cm to 40 cm in width at the level of its ironing surface. A larger model allows you to iron your clothes, bedding or curtains as well without any constraint and without being embarrassed to see a part of the object to be ironed suspended at the level of each side.

The height

If the question of how to buy a better value ironing board remains unanswered to this day, then take the time to educate yourself on the height of each model that you find interesting. This feature lets you know the level of comfort you will enjoy using a given model.

If you are used to doing your ironing standing up, then it would be a good idea to choose an ironing board that is at the height of your hips. This will prevent you from having back pain or pain in your arms after each ironing. In case you can do it sitting or standing, it would be better to opt for a height-adjustable model.

The Cover System

In order to be able to move on to the price comparison, it is essential to know which ironing board tray cover system catches your eye. This feature lets you know that a given model guarantees efficient ironing.

Regarding the cover of the ironing board, it is preferable to choose a model having as the material constituting its cover cotton or very thick polyester. These guarantee a flat ironing surface. Some models have a reflective ironing surface which optimizes the efficiency of this ironing by transferring heat to the ironed fabric. 

You can look for the presence of this feature on each model if you wish to further optimize ironing efficiency.

How to use an Ironing Board?

The board is undoubtedly an essential element for your ironing activities. There are many models, but their handling principles remain the same. Here are some recommendations to help you use your product if you are new to the subject.

Gradually set up your table

If you have the obligation to assemble your article yourself, it is necessary to know who goes with what. First, assemble the components of the table. Underneath is the metal base, then in the middle the fleece and above the cover. Once these parts are associated, all you have to do is attach the feet or stabilizers. Usually with threads.

Fold and unfold as you wish

All ironing boards must have this function. Using both hands, one to hold the stand and the other for the board, you should have no trouble pulling it apart and then triggering the locking mechanism so it doesn’t slide or fall in full swing. .

For the Jata Hogar 848S, this mechanism manifests itself as a dual function system. You will have the possibility of transforming your board into a stepladder to catch objects in height.

Lock the Feet

Before you start your job, make sure the stabilizers are in place. Take a look under the board to be sure. Apply light pressure to the board to check. Indeed, it will be very unpleasant for you to iron in bad conditions. The Brabantia 345647, for example, is equipped with an intelligent system which consists of automatically locking the chosen position.

Adjust the Height

Adjust the height according to your height. Normally, it should be around a meter. A board that is too low will tire you by making you perform long movements, and a too high one will quickly bring you feelings of stiffness in the muscles of the arm.

Use Retractable Fins

Some models are equipped with this accessory. They make it easy to iron the shoulder area of ​​shirts. You just have to retract them, put your suit on, and then iron it. 

Avoid the pile of laundry on the board

Whenever you’ve finished a garment, make sure you don’t put it on it. Firstly, it’s not pleasant to see and secondly, the weight that the battery can put on might not be supported by the board. Which could damage the support.

Place the iron on its area

During your activity, do not get in the habit of placing the iron on the cover. Doing so may damage it and even burn it. Put it in the part reserved for this purpose to contain the variations in heat that this machine can generate.

Be sure of its strength

This concerns accessories such as steam generators. You need to be sure that the support supports its weight in order to prevent unpleasant surprises. However, there are models suitable for this kind of gadgets.

Come back in peace

Practice your task in a quiet area free from buccaneers. Preferably, keep children away and exercise vigilance. Do not touch the stabilizing mechanism of the board during your activity. Wait until it is finished so as not to cause possible accidents.

Most Popular Brands

To achieve quality ironing, you will need a good ironing board which is a material specially designed to stabilize your work surface. To avoid regretting a purchase, it is essential to learn as much as possible about the products and brands offered. To give you an idea of ​​the sure values ​​in the field of ironing boards, below the brands recognized as being reliable.

Wenko is a German company that has been famous since its inception thanks to its innovation in the manufacture of various accessories, particularly for sanitary and domestic uses.

Wenko’s priority until now is to improve the lives of its customers. It specializes in accessories for the bathroom and for the home in general. As for its ironing boards, in particular, these have been designed to guarantee maximum balance to its users, while maintaining a compact and practical design. The brand has moreover several offers intended for several budgets so that there is something for everyone.

Orbegozo is a Spanish company dedicated to the manufacture of household appliances and materials. The brand has succeeded in positioning itself among the current references in the field. It is also one of the brands with the most competitive prices on the market. It is highly developed in Europe and has already started its global expansion.

For its ironing boards, the brand has essential functions for ironing, accompanied by a light and relatively ergonomic design. Precisely, the majority of Orbegozo models come with a storage space dedicated to the iron, in order to facilitate this chore.

Metaltex was introduced to the market in the 1945s. At its beginnings, the brand devoted itself to the design of tools from metallic wires for the home and especially for the kitchen. The company’s activities include the design and distribution of household items.

 These are divided into 3 categories: kitchen utensils, storage equipment, and laundry maintenance. Precisely in this last sector, Metaltex designs advanced ironing boards that are relatively complete in terms of equipment. We find in its models precisely an iron rest, a thread guide, and even clothes and hanger holders. 

Designed to be height adjustable, the manufacturers give you the freedom to set your ironing board to suit your size and comfort.

Founded in 2002, Deuba works in the distribution of a very wide variety of products. You can find almost everything on the house: from gardening to auto-motorcycle tools. Their articles are also renowned for their quality and their high resistance to wear.

 To stand out from the competition, ironing boards from Deuba have a function that is both interesting and very practical: an electrical outlet integrated into the table. Thanks to this ingenuity, you will no longer encounter problems with wire stretching on your iron and it will be more manageable to guarantee maximum safety of use.

Brabantia is a family-style brand created in 1919, which is dedicated solely to household items. Its main philosophy is to combine design and practicality. It guarantees its products for a long lifespan and as a bonus, it complies with environmental protection standards and is therefore subject to ISO certification.

The brand has a wide range of models offering all the current features in terms of technical advancement on ironing boards. But they all have in common a very stable tray, which will help you with precise ironing. You will most likely find an ideal copy for you from this manufacturer, whether you use a traditional iron or a steam generator.

Frequently asked Questions

Which ironing board for a steam generator?

Does the use of a steam generator require a specific board? Not necessarily. However, this device seems to be appreciated precisely for its ability to emit steam which contributes to the facilitation of tasks. In this sense, it will be necessary to release the steam emitted so that your clothes do not smell musty.

 In this case, you need an ironing board and not just any ironing board. In order to allow a continuous evacuation of the steam, favor perforated, stable, and ergonomic boards. Also, don’t forget to take the correct size, as well as additional features if needed such as heating, etc.

How to put on an ironing board cover?

It’s all well and good to have managed to remove the cover from the ironing board, but sooner or later it will have to be put back on to be able to use it. Do you remember the method? No time to scrutinize the instructions, you have to get started now. 

To begin with, you need to get the board on its feet and bring the clean blanket and its accessories. In particular, there should be a clip with fixings to hold the cover. Place the latter on the board, and join the elastic fixings of the 2 edges below.

How to clean an ironing board?

Cleaning an ironing board is fairly simple and doesn’t require a lot of technique. What would you need? Soap, hot water, a rag and you’re done. This mission takes place in 3 stages. First, remove the blanket and wash it separately. 

Use a detergent that meets the label directions, and rub the stains off with the cloth soaked in hot water. Then you will clean the cover and the feet with the damp cloth, the same method. Finally, dry with a dry cloth, and put the blanket in a dryer or in the open air.

How to hide an ironing board?

The ironing board may be easy for ironing, but not necessarily for storage. Indeed, it must be recognized that this is a fairly bulky object although there are foldable models. To avoid having to look for it at the back of the closet, why not hang it on the wall or on a door. 

In addition, another way than that of putting the board between the pieces of furniture, there are removable models that can blend in with the decor. Otherwise, it might not be practical to own a sizable one if you can settle for a smaller one.

How to iron without ironing board?

Who invented the ironing board? Indeed, we could do well without it before. Except that time makes you forget, and we don’t really know how to do it anymore. To benefit from an ironing place, you will need a table or a piece of furniture with a regular surface and without obstacles, near an electrical source. 

Then put a heat-resistant fabric on the device, and you can start your work. In addition, the surface must also be able to withstand heat. As an alternative, you can always buy yourself an ironing mat that could suit any furniture.