The choice of a Range hood requires a lot of care if you want to have an appliance that perfectly meets your needs. It is best to take some time to consider some information, including that relating to the suction mode, airflow, and design of this device, before making a selection.

Our buying guide and the classification of certain products based on our analyzes should give you an idea of ​​the characteristics of the model that is suitable for you.  However, if you don’t have enough time to review them, then we’ll briefly touch on the two articles that their users rated as the best. Cosmo COS-QS75 30 in.

Under Cabinet, Range Hood will please you thanks to its sober and modern design. Its extraction power is 300 m³ / h per hour. In the case of FOTILE JQG9001 Filtering unit 300 m³ / h, it is a model that has been designed in high-quality stainless steel. Its power is 70W.

Best Range Hoods 2021

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Cosmo 5U30 30

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Hauslane Chef Series

Huslan Cooker Hood

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Do you want to offer your kitchen a new high-quality extractor hood at a reduced price? Now a hood is essential in order to have a beautiful and clean kitchen. How to choose the best range hoods of 2021? Discover all the offers of inexpensive range hood among the selections of this product.

1. Cosmo COS-QS75 30

This Range hood is a top-quality appliance which guarantees a high level of satisfaction. Indeed, it has a maximum extraction power of 600 cubic meters of air per hour. This allows you to manage the various types of cooking in your kitchen. This powerful equipment allows you to enjoy the fresh air every day

  • Permanent Filters
  • Remot Control
  • 4 Speed Exahust Fan
  • Premium Brushed Satin Finish
  • Contemporary Modern Design
  • Powerfull Energy Efficient Lights
  • Little Bit Hard to Install

Its width of sixty centimeters makes this hood the perfect model if you have a medium-sized or rather large cooking surface. It is also effective in cooling the air in a fitted kitchen. It is a model carefully designed to ensure the elimination of fumes, vapors and odors from food after each cooking.

Its three fan speeds allow you to adjust its use according to your needs. Unlike other current models, the noise emitted by this model will not bother you at all.

Ease of use and maintenance

It is a device that installs easily and quickly. You will have no trouble mounting it. In fact, in just a few minutes, this hood from Cosmo quickly draws up fumes and vapors and leaves no lingering odor in your kitchen.

For added convenience, this equipment is fitted with Class A luminous efficiency LED lighting, ensuring excellent visibility. More so, this item is equipped with an on / off button. To make it work, you just need to control it with the various features present on its digital screen.

To make maintenance easier, this hood is fitted with two removable aluminum grease filters. These are very easy to remove, but in addition, they are dishwasher safe. With this material, the conversion is possible, because in addition to these, the hood also has one which is activated carbon.

Aesthetics: a very nice design

This model is intended for wall mounting. It not only brings freshness to your everyday kitchen but is also a stylish decorative element for the room. It’s a practical yet stylish product that you can proudly display in your home.

Its modern and timeless design will give a punch to your interior decoration. Its black color allows this item to blend naturally with any style of decor.

In addition to its sublime design, this hood with a storage surface is a device that does not take up too much space. It is a material with a very attractive design that will easily find a place in your kitchen. It is discreet and plays its role in Rangehood and decorative items perfectly. It presents an excellent quality/price ratio.


FOTILE JQG9001 is one of the best models of range hood which proposes to be at the same time rich in aesthetics, powerful and efficient to allow you to prepare your meals in a better hygienic condition. This model is made of stainless steel and glass which are all very elegant materials indicating that this product can be used as a decorative element in your kitchen.

Best Extractor Hood 2021
  • Dual DC-Motor
  • Large Grease Tray
  • Side Draft Design
  • Folding Oil Filter
  • One-Touch ON/OFF
  • Touchscreen with 4 Speed Level 
  • Somehow Installation is Difficult

The extractor hood is capable of operating with three suction speeds so that you can adapt its use according to the type of preparation you plan to do. This model comes with a halogen lighting system that ensures that your worktop is illuminated with a sufficiently powerful light. The extraction power of this device is 827m 3 / h to allow you to have a better condition in the room during each preparation. 

This range hood works by emitting a sound of 56dB. The noise emitted at such a level of sound is negligible compared to the sound emitted by the majority of similar devices. FOTILE JQG9001 has an aluminum grease filter. This material is known for its performance in retaining and attracting grease to prevent it from settling on the walls.

The maximum extraction power usually determines which is the most efficient range hood on the market. In this area, the FOTILE dominates its competitor’s thanks to an extraction power of 827m 3 / h.

3. Cosmo 5U30 30 Cabinet Range Hood

Bad smells, fumes, vapors and grease emissions are the daily lot of a kitchen. When you simmer a good dish or when you make water to boil, it is inevitable. This remains valid even when the room is well ventilated or there is a fireplace. 

  • Reusable Filter
  • Bush Button Control
  • 3 Speed Exhaust Fan
  • LED Lights in Stainless Steel
  • No Screen-Touch

To counter this phenomenon, range hoods were created. For those who are looking for it, this Cosmo model offers good filtering potential.

This model is characterized by operation by suction. It can also be put into evacuation mode by equipping itself with an air hose. It is used with a carbon filter Cosmo 5U30. It is installed in a high cabinet, which makes it an invisible hood. This is a plus for the aesthetics of the kitchen. Regarding its performance, it offers an airflow capped at 300 m³ / h. The hood is charged with 3 suction speeds. Energy class C, its power is 70 W. It produces little noise with a sound level of 63 dB.

On the design side, we do not make a trifle. This device has a beautiful appearance. Made of stainless steel, it is equipped with parts of energy-saving LED lamps (2W). It is 52cm wide, 13cm high and 28cm deep.

4. Hauslane Chef Series PS18

The product in the spotlight today in our buying guide to choosing the best cooker hood is the Chef Series 30″ PS18 U from Hauslane. Powerful, practical and aesthetic, it is subject to very good reviews.

  • Contemporary Design
  • 3-Ways of Venting
  • Builtin LED Lamps
  • Dishwasher Safe Baffle Filters
  • Very Easy to Assemble and Maintain
  • Made with strongest and most reliable materials. 
  • Makes Little Bit Noise

Its asset most often stated by its users is its aesthetics. It has a modern, elegant but above all very original design, it is angled. In addition to making the device look better, this design detail has several practical advantages. It gives you better access to the worktop below. This position also makes it easier to see and reach the filter when it comes time to clean it.

It is 90 cm. It is suitable for kitchens of all sizes ranging from larger to smaller ones.

The handling of this Hauslane Chef Series PS18 is extremely simple. All these controls are touchable and easily accessible. They are located at the front. You can therefore easily turn the light on or off and adjust its power.

And speaking of power, that of our machine is very satisfactory but above all adjustable according to 3 levels. There are 3 different inspiration intensities, the highest of which reaches 350m³ / h. And even at full power, this cooker hood remains Normal But Sometimes it makes a Little Noise.

5. EKON NAP04 Kitchen Range Hood

This model gives you the benefit of a maximum extraction rate of 550 m 3 / h. The noise level of 56 dB is reduced compared to that of its peers. It rhymes with comfort and tranquility. In the room where it is installed, you can work in peace, without the stress of deafening noises.

  • LED Lights
  • Screen Touch
  • Remote Control
  • Easy to Clean & Removeable
  • Takes a Little Bit More Space


When it comes to laying, it couldn’t be easier. A wall mounting kit is already supplied, which makes the operation a breeze. A universal plug is still at your disposal.

It can be used with a carbon filter, in order to increase its efficiency. Made of glass stainless steel, it combines aesthetics and robustness. It even displays an elegant look to bring a modern touch throughout the room. It can last for several years while being resistant to all the factors that can affect its original condition. 

It will also serve as a decorative object in the space where it is installed. Once started, the appliance acts positively by eliminating all forms of odors and cooking fumes. The air in your kitchen will therefore be cleaner, which is the key to your comfort and well-being.

Buying Guide

How to choose a good Range hood?

Present in almost any modern kitchen, the Rang-hood performs several advantageous functions such as the evacuation of cooking vapors or the neutralization of bad odors. Remember to consult our tips for buying a good range hood on our price comparison. The 3 main characteristics when making the final choice are suction mode, airflow, and design.

The suction mode

Our buying guide for the best extractor hoods aims to help you know the most important features you will need to consider before your purchase. Among these characteristics, the most important concerns the suction mode. 

There are 2 types of operation of the Kitchen Hood:

1. Extraction

2. Recycling

Each suction method is advantageous but it all depends on the type of house where you live. The extraction system is especially effective in ensuring the evacuation of fumes and vapors outside the house. Use this mode of operation if you live in an individual house and you often use your gas grills.

Note also that the hoods that ensure the suction of fumes by extraction or evacuation offer a simpler but effective operation. However, you must provide for its installation a duct that opens outside your home.

If you live in an apartment, you will rather be forced to choose a hood that draws in air through a recycling system, but which nevertheless remains quite noisy. This type of suction is especially recommended for kitchens where it is impossible to install an air duct that opens directly to the outside. For this type of hood, plan to change the recycling filter regularly, especially when you operate the electric barbecue grill.

Air flow

The air flow or the suction speed is another very important selection criterion. It determines the ability of your hood to suck in vapors and cooking fumes for one hour. The suction speed also includes the ability of your hood to renew the amount of air drawn in an hour.

When buying your hood, take a good look at the suction speed expressed in m³ / h. The higher the air flow, the more its ability to quickly eliminate fumes and renew the air will be optimized. So if you don’t know how to buy an extractor hood with a better value for money, we show you the trick: choose a hood with an air flow that matches the volume of your kitchen.


In addition to recommending where to buy a new range hood, we also advise you on the choice of design. It all depends on the space you have and your style needs. If you have little space and at the same time you are looking for a more discreet hood, the cap Range hood will be practical: it can be installed on the wall or under your storage cabinet.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more designer hood, we recommend the retractable island hood or worktop hood. In addition to the type of installation and the model, a hood with lighting will be welcome to work more easily. The choice of design also concerns the color and the materials used: stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, polished stainless steel, glass, etc.

How to use an Range Hood?

The kitchen is the main area where smells and smoke circulate the most. It is then important to equip this room with an extractor hood. This equipment will allow you to dispel these types of inconvenience. But for the installation to work in the right way, you will need to master its various cogs. The following article will help you there.

Adapt your model to your home

Note that the different models of range hoods available on the market do not all have the same characteristics. You will need to determine the volume of the room in which you want to install your equipment to be able to dispose of it in the best conditions. In fact, equipment suitable for small spaces will not be enough for you to get rid of bothersome odors over a larger area.

Have a duct connected to the outside for the installation of an exhaust or exhaust hood

In order to facilitate the installation of this type of infrastructure, it remains preferable that the room in which the machine will be installed is provided with a duct giving access to the outside of the house. This will allow you to more easily evacuate the excess smoke that will emanate from your culinary preparations and your fires. Of course, on other more efficient models this condition will not be required.

Choose an intensity of inspiration

On most specimens available on the market such as the Klarstein RGL90WSB or the Whirlpool AKR 770 NB, you will be able to choose between three suction levels. In this way, you will be able to personalize the work according to the extent of the inconvenience caused by the odors or fumes located in the kitchen.

If the latter is still minimal, don’t feel pressured to start your equipment at full power. The lower intensity will be more than enough to satisfy you.  

Maintain your device regularly

It goes without saying that this type of material will need to be cleaned from time to time. This is to ensure its proper functioning, for many years to come. To do this, nothing very complicated, you just need to have the reflex of passing the cloth on the machine daily. You will thus preserve it from the various dirt which could hamper its mechanism.

Put the filter in the dishwasher

And yes, on some models like the Bomann 765400, this component of the device can be cleaned in the dishwasher. This will make it easier for you to maintain the operating accessories of these infrastructures. Of course, nothing will prevent you from carrying out this operation in the traditional way, that is to say with your hands. However, using the machine will waste less time.

Turn on the halogen lighting system for more clarity on your worktop

This function may be available on some specimens presented on the market. It must be said that it will be very useful to you in the evening when your main light source is not sufficient for you to clearly distinguish what you are doing. You will therefore only have to press the switch intended for this purpose to have this lighting available.

Use accessories for comfortable use

To save your installations, interchange the filters that will be at your disposal. This will allow you to use it for much longer. Which will save you money. The non-return valve will guarantee you optimal use of your product. So don’t hesitate to use it.  

Most Popular Brands

The range hood has been an integral part of Western kitchens, especially French kitchens for several years now. Without it, cooking vapors would gradually clog the kitchen walls and the ceiling, damaging the decor. If you are going to buy yourself one, and you don’t know where to start, we have some brands for you that have come out of the mass, for the quality of their products.

If we don’t talk a lot about Broan in the market compared to other big names, the brand nevertheless has an already quite impressive collection of household appliances and tools. Just by talking about its range hoods, we see that the firm has something to compete with them and has a promising future ahead of it.

Its hoods, with an extraction capacity of around 235 m³ / h and for the most part fitted with a grease filter, clean a room with fairly large dimensions with great efficiency. The brand is projected into everyone’s daily life in order to make it more comfortable by integrating 3 power levels adapted to each cooking method (simmering, frying, boiling water) in these devices.

The latter, easy to maintain, will also last you longer than the others, since the outer structure can be cleaned with a sponge or a damp cloth, while the grids go without worry in the dishwasher. And for more comfort, on a Broan reference, you have an 8 out of 10 chance of finding LED lighting that opens directly onto the worktop and the contents of your pots.  

In the way it designs its equipment and tools, Bosch has this certain know-how which turns into added value for consumers once they are in their hands. Power tools, precision, power, ergonomics, all of its machines combine most of these qualities, if not all. Today, Bosch is embarking on a completely different branch, which is the kitchen through its extractor hoods.

Whirpool went through a number of adventures and trials before becoming the equipment professional we know today. To show you how the brand has managed to establish a certain reputation in the field, get an idea from its turnover of more than 3 billion in 2009.

Whirlpool references blend into any decor, due to their aesthetic. They come in different sizes (60 cm and more) in order to adapt to all stoves, 2, 3, 4 burners. We note traditional designs, but also trendy, which change us from silver models a little too “restaurant kitchen”. Like many items today, his hoods feature lights so you can see “clearer” in your cookware.

Whirpool would not be Whirpool if it did not provide us with all the paraphernalia accompanying the range hood, namely the duct cover and fixing accessories.

While the name doesn’t speak to you as much as much more well-known brands, like Klarstein on the first try, the brand is making its way into the market slowly, but surely. Moreover, by taking a look at her collection of extractor hoods, we see that she has done her classes well and that she is able to identify the main needs of consumers with regard to this particular appliance.

Arebos provides individuals and kitchen professionals with numerous technological and innovative tools that minimize most of the work, allowing them to focus on their art and improve their technical skills. With Arebos you will be able to go faster and get down to researching new recipes with all these hours saved on your schedule.

Frequently asked Questions

Q1: How high should an Range Hood be?

If this is too high, the smoke will continue to spread throughout your kitchen. Otherwise, the vapors and odors coming from the sides of the fire could not be properly evacuated.

It should also be remembered that your hood must be at the same level as the rest of your upper furniture so as not to damage the aesthetics of your kitchen. This height is 75 cm from the base of the fire, if you use a gas stove, and 65 cm in the case of ceramic hobs.

Q2: What to choose for an Range hood: recycling or disposal?

When you only have one or the other of these models, the choice becomes difficult. Indeed, they have their own characteristic.

The recycling hood, as its name suggests, does not evacuate the vapors that emanate from your cooking. It just removes the fat from there and sends them back to you. On the other side, you have the exhaust hood which brings out the air. For this, this model requires the presence of a draft in your kitchen as well as the installation of an exhaust duct leading to the outside.

Q3: Which Range hood is suitable for an open kitchen and at what power?

The American kitchen or open kitchen is attracting more and more households these days. This means that smells coming from the kitchen can spread throughout the house at high speed. To prevent this from happening, it is important that you choose the right cooker hood.

The calculation must be made according to the type of hood purchased (external exhaust or recycling) and the size of your kitchen. If the latter has a volume of 25 m³, a suction speed close to 750 m³ / h will be very efficient on this volume in the case of a recycling hood or if you cook in large quantities, while a speed of 250 at 375 m³ / h could be sufficient for an exhaust hood or if you cook occasionally. Indeed, know that the air must at least be renewed at least ten times in an hour to avoid the dispersion of odors.

Q4: How to clean the grates of an range hood?

By sucking and filtering the air, the grilles that make up your hood will eventually become clogged. Make sure to clean them properly.