Classic ironing involves putting in a lot of effort to get rid of creases on certain fabrics. With a steam generator, this chore becomes less arduous even if you have to work on a large amount of laundry. However, prior to its purchase, it is always necessary to collect information on its technical characteristics and on the price in order to avoid getting a bad deal. 

Reading our buying guide and classifying a few products should help you make the right decision. However, if you don’t have the time to go through it in detail, then be aware that for some users the following two models are quality products. Rowenta has a micro steam 400 soleplate, high power, and very short heating time. Philips PerfectCare has a particular design, a SteamGilde sole, and a considerable steam flow.

Best Steam Generator Irons of 2021

Currently, steam generators exist in several models to guarantee both professionals and individuals better efficiency in their ironing. Thanks to their ability to generate a large flow of steam, they allow ironing in the shortest possible time and with truly surprising results.

However, among the models available on the market, the best steam generator Irons are the ones that always require a little investment on your part.

Best Budgeted

Rowenta 400-Holes

Editor’s Choice

Rowenta DG8520

Best of 2021

Philips PerfectCare Aqua Pro

The description of some models below can help you to better understand the characteristics of the steam generator which is suitable for you.

1. Rowenta DG8520

With its 6 bar pressure, the Rowenta Silence Steam comes close to the potential of a professional steam generator. The one that is usually found in hotel establishments and can be used for hours at a time without a hitch. Usually, domestic machines reach a maximum of 4 bars. With this level of pressure, the penetration of steam is stronger.

  •  The steam jet is powerful enough
  • This machine is silent. This sound hygiene brings this device to a higher category.
  • The tip of the plate allows you to iron hard to reach places
  • Apart from its use of steam generators, this device can do almost nothing. Do not rely on its function as an iron.
  • High in Price

Professional prowess

The most recalcitrant fabrics will find their master. If the steam is not enough, the manufacturer has added a surplus. There is a boost of 260g / min of concentrated steam emerging from the bow of the aircraft. Enough to put down the most stubborn folds, do not press so that they quickly fall into step. The use of this appliance requires little effort. Long-term work will be done quickly.

A safe and economical value

The Rowenta Silence Steam has been fitted with an ingenious system that respects the environment. Its energy consumption may be limited during use. The Eco function reduces electricity consumption by 75%. With a power of 2400 watts. This option is welcome. The electricity bill will therefore be reduced, especially in a house with a large family.

The iron is one of the most energy-consuming accessories in a home. So the manufacturer had the good idea to save money. In addition, to heat the machine it takes no less than two minutes and the machine is ready. The Use then becomes healthy and respectful of the environment. Meeting the standards currently required, this device is both practical and ecological.

Its practicality

Because of its advanced capabilities, the Rowenta Silence Steam is quite massive. It weighs 5.4 kilos. It takes on weight after an hour of use. However, with its performance, it can be considered among the lightest in its class. Even the other components have been packaged to improve the skills of this machine. Like the tank that can hold 1.5 liters of water. It’s a feat that adds a few more grams to the starting weight.

But the ironing will be done without interruption. No need to go back and forth between the tap and the ironing board. It is a privilege during major works, because each shirt, pants, sheet… will be treated expeditiously. The shoulders will be less strained. Thanks to the contribution of the Calc-Away system, the material is easy to clean and has a long life.

2. Philips PerfectCare Aqua Pro Max

The best steam generator irons and especially the best inexpensive steam generator exists but to recognize it you should check the performance of a few selected models. In order to refine your search, your selections should only include models with interesting features such as Philips PerfectCare Aqua Pro Max.

  • The user will no longer have to manually set the correct temperature according to the type of fabric to be ironed.
  • With its SteamGlide sole, the iron glides without the slightest hitch on clothing or laundry, whatever it is.
  • For the sake of energy savings, this steam generator offers an eco function which reduces current consumption by 40%.
  • The tank of this plant is not the largest on the market. 
  • But with a capacity of 1.5 l, it is perfect for home use.
  •  It will be unnecessary to recharge it in the middle of ironing.

It is a model of steam generator that combines both design and performance. With a SteamGlide sole, this model provides a continuous steam flow of 120 g / minute to smooth out creases and eliminate wrinkles with the minimum of effort. It is this characteristic that distinguishes a steam generator from traditional irons in particular. Steam plays an essential role in softening the fabrics of your clothes for easier ironing.

In addition, for better ironing efficiency in a short time, this model has a steam boost of 360 grams and a steam pressure of up to 6.5 bar. This model also comes with a removable water tank and a filling hole large enough to allow you to fill it faster and save you time when using it.

In addition, having a heating time of two minutes, this steam generator can be recharged at any time through its power cord with a more ergonomic length of 1.8 meters.

How about making the ironing chore less painful? Let yourself be convinced by the performance of the Philips PerfectCare Silence GC9545 / 02, which is one of the best steam generator irons around.

3. Rowenta 400-Holes

No longer knowing under what criteria you are going to opt for a steam generator over another during a comparison, you are left in disarray and you ask yourself the question: which steam generator should you buy? The Rowenta 400-Holes model provides a relevant answer to this question to help you see more clearly.

  • The rising steam often makes the machine roar. With its 15 dB of noise pollution, this model is very quiet.
  • To reassemble this unit on the ironing board, there is an iron locking system on the base, making it easily transportable by the iron handle.
  • Thanks to the power of steam, you can easily smooth out a shirt without unhooking it from its hanger.
  • Filling the tank is not as easy as you would like. It is quite difficult to remove it to fill it. 
  • Takes a Bit time to Heat Up

Accompanied by a microsteam 400 soleplate, this model has a power of 2400 W for a heating time of 2 minutes and a steam output of 120 g / minute to guarantee you ironing with surprising efficiency in a short delay. Certainly, because of this feature, this model can be a bit bulky, but after seeing the result of ironing, you are going to find this detail neglecting.

It also has silent technology allowing the appliance to operate at a sound level of around 15 dB only to allow you to carry out your ironing in the greatest calm at any time of the day.

To help you keep the steam generator in good condition over the long term, it comes with a Calc-Away system to collect lime. If it comes on, it indicates that the manifold should be cleaned. Moreover, for more autonomy, it comes with a removable tank that can be filled at any time.

The best brand of the steam generator of the moment offers us a quality product here with its model Rowenta 400-Holes. The strengths are many, but it is not a product without imperfection either.

4. Morphy Richards Power Steam 

Morphy Richards Power Steam Press is an inexpensive steam generator with a neat design and good power which can guarantee you surprisingly efficient ironing while being both easy to use and efficient in the long term.

  • Auto Clean with Safety Lock
  • It is the big winner of the durability test in the eyes of consumers.
  • If the new generation steam plants are made with light and modern materials, it has chosen to stay on solid and classic materials. 
  • It is made of metal and “noble materials” (like cork).
  • The machine can easily pass the milestone of 10 years of use without repair.
  • In terms of power, she is the last among all the models on our list.
  • High In Price

With a power of 2400 watts, this device can remove wrinkles from your clothes in no time and in the best possible conditions. Thanks to this power, you can iron your clothes yourself with the minimum of effort like a professional without having to entrust them to strangers.

In addition, this model differs from any other steam generator thanks to the temperature of its steam which is hot enough to give a clean result as soon as the iron passes over the fibers of the fabric.

With a steam flow rate of 90 g / minute for an optimum pressure of 3.5 bars for a tank capacity of 1.1 liters, this model is sufficiently autonomous. It allows you to carry out your ironing continuously for truly surprising results comparable to professional work and those in a short time.

In any case, if you are looking for a functional and sturdy steam generator iron, and you don’t really care about the appearance of the product, this one may be for you.

5. NAHANCO DG5030 Rowenta’s Professional

The abundance and variety of models of steam generators on the market may lead you to ask the question: ”What is the best steam generator irons on the market?”. To better guide you in your choices, check the characteristics of the NAHANCO DG5030 model because they may surprise you.

  • This plant can operate with tap water.
  • Time-Saving and Easy to Iron the clothes
  • Easy Locking System for Tank Filling
  • High in Price

This model is both light and compact while ensuring unmatched power and performance. Weighing only 11.4 pounds, this model has an Ultragliss sole to put you ironing in the shortest time and in the greatest possible comfort.

For a heating time of 2 minutes, it has a power of 2200 W, a steam flow of 120 g / minute, and a tank with a capacity of 40 oz to allow you to carry out your ironing in the best conditions and continuously.

In addition, this model comes with a limescale collector system that warns you when to clean it to ensure better performance of the device even in the long term. Moreover, thanks to its Easycord system, this model can be qualified as the most ergonomic steam generator.

According to the opinions of the users of this power station, the NAHANCO DG5030 has some good qualities that might interest some of you. But it does not only have advantages.

6. Reliable 120IS Maven 

If you are still wondering how to choose the right model for you from the best steam generator iron of 2021 then you just have to check the features of Reliable 120IS Maven because they can provide the answer of your Question.

  • Removable Water Tank
  • Digital Display
  • Light Weight
  • Auto Shut-Of Quality
  • Ceramic Soleplate
  • A Little bit high in Price
  • It Takes about 5 min to Heat up Completly

In addition, this model it gives you many functions like safety feature ensures the Maven is turned off automatically after 10 minutes, giving you peace of mind should you forget to turn it off

It Gives you the Digital Display so you can get the Complete info about the usage of the Iron and work of Functions. It has 1 ltr water Tank which is Removable.

It also comes with a feature that allows you to adjust both the steam and the temperature adapted to the fabric of each of your clothes to avoid damaging them. Used in steam and dry-cleaning mode, this model has a double anti-drip system allowing you to eliminate any risk of having water marks on your clothes when ironing.

This model by Maven is the cheapest steam generator in our selection of the day. Despite its price, this power station still offers some interesting qualities that might appeal to some users.

How to use a Steam Generator?

A steam generator is a machine that will give you a boost in your ironing activities. If you do it weekly, this device will be of great use to you. However, you don’t know how to handle or care for it. Here are some points that you should definitely take into account.

Plug in your device

In the majority of cases, this mechanism operates under an electrical supply. It is therefore preferable that you use it near a branch. All you need to do is insert the plug, press the ignition button and choose the iron mode. For those who do not have the latter option, the start key will do the trick.

Try a new experience

If this is your first time buying, don’t be surprised to see fumes or smells coming from the craft. This is normal, you just need to gently clean the iron of the central unit in order to evacuate the vapors. The duration of this action will only take a few seconds, but make sure you do it repeatedly.

Add water

Once you have familiarized yourself with your product, pour water into the corresponding container. You just have to lift the iron that serves as its cover to put your liquid in it. It is best to fill it up so that you do not have to add more while working, as the iron could be hot and possibly burn you. Except for the Rowenta DG8960F0 which offers the possibility of practicing this action in full ironing activity.

Pay attention to the nature of the water

Usually, tap water can be used for the machine. However, the quality of your water could be hard. To do this, add half of the demineralized water. This will prevent the formation of tartars in the iron which would make its handling rather unpleasant.

Avoid water drops

You might encounter this kind of situation. It is possible that the water drops form on the iron and can damage your clothes. In order to avoid this, be sure to monitor the thermostat of the steam generator.

Adjust the thermostat

Here it is a question of normalizing it according to the iron. They must be compliant. If the thermostat is too low, the unit cannot produce steam due to a lack of temperature.

You can adjust it using a knob, often rotating, to select the heat that suits you. For Philips, this is by no means a problem. It has a system that automatically regulates the central thermostat.

Check the heat

When you use the iron and clothes seem to stick to it, you have set your thermostat too hot. Therefore, to remedy it, you just have to lower it or disperse the steam on the other side of the laundry in question.

Empty the central and clean it

When you have finished your occupation, remember to remove the water from the power plant to avoid limescale clogging. To descale it, you just need to add 1/10 of white vinegar to the power station and the rest with water. Wait until boiling, then let out a burst of steam and finally turn off.

Let it sit for a few hours before washing it off. The Calor GV7096C2 is equipped with an anti-limescale device that prevents the use of tap water.

Most Popular Brands

To prevent ironing from being considered a chore, it is important to choose an iron model that is both easy and quick to use. This is precisely what today’s steam generators offer you which, unlike traditional irons, adds more efficiency. However, not all models on the market are created equal. This is why it is recommended that you look for your equipment in the catalogs offered by the biggest brands.

The Calor company was founded in 1917 and has built a solid reputation since manufacturing the first electric iron in Europe. It’s innovation and ingenuity are its greatest strengths. These principles are reflected in each of its products.

To name a few of its flagship models, we note the first epilator with a pivoting head or the cordless iron, products designed to make everyday life easier for households. Better yet, the brand designs several ranges of steam generators and categorizes them according to consumer needs. All to meet high demands in terms of quality and performance.

Domena is a French brand that saw the light of day in the 1990s. It was the first factory to produce equipment with a steam generator with unlimited autonomy. It is also very popular with buyers because of its design and ergonomics. It is by combining all these characteristics that it quickly became a leader in the field of steam. As a unique and innovative technology and to avoid any risk of scaling, manufacturers integrate their items from the Capt Protect System, while thus guaranteeing their performance for 10 years.

The Philips company founded in 1891 made its debut in the production of electronic products. Today, however, the brand is present in several branches whether in terms of body care, health, lighting, or any form of household appliance. What they share in common is the level of continuous satisfaction shown by their users.

On the other hand, the company also designs a range of steam generators which take precedence over their compactness. Articles that are guaranteed to be accessible to all, but also, and above all, durable.

In 1960, the brand made its appearance and only needed a few years to find its way into the hearts of households. Particularly clever and ingenious, we are talking about a factory specializing in small household appliances for the kitchen and laundry. 

The company has continued to expand its range since its creation and was quickly recommended by several professionals because of the reliability of its items.

Among its flagship products, the brand’s V6 STEAM PLANT is technically up-to-date, as it has an electronic control with LED screen for setting the temperature and pressure desired by the user. A practicality of use which will also be notified on the majority of its steam models.

Bosch is a German company that has established itself in several areas, particularly in the automotive industry, energy, or in the production of large household appliances. Its articles are especially recognized for its great strength and durability over time. This is undoubtedly due to the very careful manufacturing and the search for innovation, two objectives always witnessed by the brand.

Its main feature of its steam generator models is their I-temp function. A function that marks the ideal combination between steam and temperature so that the model is compatible with any type of fabric.

How to choose a good steam generator?

Reading the technical data sheets of a steam generator is not easy for everyone. Without knowing the meaning of the characteristics indicated beforehand, you may find it difficult to interpret the information provided to you.

This is why we are going to give you advice on the criteria for choosing this device. They include performance, autonomy, sole, and practicality, among other things.

The performance

The device must be efficient so that you can use it effectively without making a lot of effort. It remains to be seen how to recognize this performance on a given model. Precisely, we will address this point in this buying guide for the best steam generator irons.

To identify this characteristic, you must refer to three main parameters: pressure, flow and power. Pressure is the expression of the device’s ability to pass steam through the heart of the fibers that make up the fabrics of your clothes. In order to ensure efficient ironing, a minimum of 3.5 bars is required. The ideal is to have a pressure of 5 bars, but there are products that go up to 6.5 bars.

Regarding the flow rate, it expresses the quantity of steam delivered over a defined unit of time. The higher the value that corresponds to it, the more the steam generator can overcome the most stubborn creases without asking you to make any effort. 

In order to work in a comfortable condition, it must vary between 90 and 140 g / min. For models that come with a steam function, the steam output can increase to 150 to 350 g / min for a short time.

As for the power, it has an influence on the speed at which the chosen model can heat up. The more powerful it is, the faster the temperature rise. The heating in question concerns the element which will carry out the ironing and the water to be used to have steam. The devices deemed efficient reach 1500 to 2500 Watts.


How to buy a steam generator with better value for money? This is the question that most of the future buyers of this device cannot help but ask. To answer them, check the information relating to the autonomy of the models offered to you.

By considering this parameter, we can classify two categories of steam plants. The models with limited autonomy and those with unlimited autonomy. The first type brings together devices that operate under pressure. Therefore, their reservoir cannot be opened during use. It meets your needs if you plan to work for less than an hour.

Otherwise, you should go to the second option. The component that receives the water can be filled continuously so that you can work without interruption for several hours. As for the tank itself, you should also educate yourself about its capacity and design. 

It can be fixed or removable and it is the second choice which is more convenient for filling without moving the whole apparatus. Its capacity varies from less than a liter to more than two liters.

The sole and practicality

The sole is a main component on the appliance since it is this which will perform the ironing. The ideal is that this component is wide to simultaneously process a good part of each ironed piece. In this case, it helps to help you finish your chore faster.

Also, the sole should have a fine point if you want easy access to every corner of your clothes and around the buttons. Moreover, whether it is made of ceramic, aluminum or stainless steel, just make sure that it offers a perfect glide before purchasing a given model.

For questions of practicality, the models of a price comparison can find their difference at this point. It is important to take this into account before considering where to buy a new steam generator iron as it gives assurance on the comfort and safety of using this product.

The presence of an option such as automatic descaling facilitates the maintenance of the appliance and optimizes its longevity. A cord organizer allows you to better compact this equipment when you store it. It does not interfere with the view when it is out of service. An automatic shut-off system ensures your safety by preventing the device from continuing to heat up if you forget to turn it off when you are no longer using it.