Do you feel a stinking smell every time you enter your house? You might be wondering from where all this smell is coming and how to conquer all household odors. Living at a place for long desensitizes your sense of smell, so one might not be aware of the house’s nasty odor, but coming home after a few minutes out in fresh air gives you the idea of how gross the odors throughout your house are. Burning candles and using air fresheners is a temporary solution and not very effective. Using temporary remedies will mask the odor for some time, and again the odor coming from any source, whether washroom, kitchen, or pet litter, will dominate the house.

Next, we have listed some possible smell sources and how to conquer all household odors using simple and effective techniques.

Let fresh air in:

Most simple step yet the most important one. Opening all windows of your home for some time daily can help get rid of all smells. A fresh breeze coming in through the window will neutralize all the strong odors and give quick relief.

Getting rid of garbage smell:

We often think that garbage accumulated inside the can is creating a strong odor that it does, but sometimes the smell is coming from the can. Garbage cans need to be deodorized from time to time. Although many scented garbage bags and garbage fresheners are available online. Simple home remedies can work wonders to solve this problem.

Wash the can using soap and water.

Sprinkle baking soda at the bottom of the can and let it stay for some time.

Wash off the baking soda, put it in a garbage bag, and add some baking soda to it to absorb the odor from the garbage.

Reducing Pet litter smell:

Having a cute little pet at home is amazing, yet at the time, you may become lazy when it comes to cleaning the litter box and keep delaying it. Litter smells awful and will be the first thing noticed by anyone entering your home.

Make it a habit to empty the litter once every month and then wash it off with soap and water. Dry it off completely. Add some baking soda to a container and put it near the litter box. It will absorb the unwanted smell.

Reducing bathroom smell:

Keep the bathroom clean by wiping the sink and floor and remove all hair buildup in drains. Moisture causes mold and Mildew growth in bathroom corners; use vinegar spray to get rid of it. After spraying vinegar, scrub it off. Proper ventilation is necessary for moist places so that fresh air can enter and dry the surfaces either use windows or install an exhaust fan.

Buy an air purifier :

Air purifiers filter out allergens, dust, mold, and other harmful agents in the air. Better quality of air inside the house will improve health a lot.

Choose a cleaner with a large filter so that most of the air is filtered out and your house smells fresh and odorless. Place an air purifier in the living room, so the air from most of the house gets filtered. Individual filters for each room can be purchased, but this might cost much.

Growing plants indoor:

Plants are the source of oxygen we are breathing in. Keeping plants indoors in pots, glass, or small boxes is the best possible way to filter the air, make the air fresh, and eliminate all sorts of odor. Placing fragrant plants in a home will the odor and spread the sweet fragrance. Fragrant plants smell good and make the house look more beautiful, and give a calm, peaceful feel. Azores jasmine, lemon balm, and many more other fragrant indoor plant options are available.

Kitchen Smell

I cooked curry yesterday and can still sense the same smell coming from the kitchen? Food cooked with spices has a strong smell that lasts for days around the kitchen area. Prepare citrus spray for fighting kitchen odor using lemon juice and baking soda.

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Add 2 tbsp of baking soda to 2 cups hot water , then mix in half cup lemon juice.

Fill the mixture into a spray bottle and spray throughout the kitchen. Lemon can be used for the fighting smell from the kitchen fridge. Cut a lemon in half and place it into the fridge. It will cut out all the odor.

Banishing clothes smell:

Gym clothes smell the worst due to the sweat and oil released from body glands. Keep the dirty clothes outside if you don’t plan to wash them at the moment. Better wash gym clothes daily or put them in the air to dry off. Place the clothes inside out in white vinegar. Let some stay in the vinegar for about half an hour and throw them into the washing machine for a quick wash.

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Getting rid of carpet odor:

Carpets give good insulation, especially in winters, yet they start to emit awful odor at the time. Carpet fibers can easily trap different odors for a long. If you accidentally dropped some ketchup on your carpet, it will retain the smell for weeks. Daily cleaning of dirt from the carpet using a vacuum is important. Sprinkle baking soda over the carpet and use a vacuum to clean off the powder after some time.

Vinegar is also very effective in removing all strong odors. To use vinegar for carpet, combine one cup of vinegar with one and a half cup warm water. Put this mixture in a spray bottle and spray it over the whole carpet. It will fight off all odor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to conquer all household odors using baking soda?

Baking soda is the best natural deodorizer. Use it for any smelly part of your house. Baking soda inboxes can be placed in different corners of the house. When cleaning home, use a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and warm water to spray in the room and wipe off surfaces. Vinegar and soda will absorb the smells.

Is it better to use air fresheners for odor?

Air fresheners won’t work if the source of the smell is not eliminated. The floor’s dirty litter will keep emitting the smell, so a temporary scent smell from air fresheners will do no good.