There is a large amount of electric barbecue on the market that you can lean on. Thus, there is a wide choice of barbecue which provides, according to your tastes, an optimal caramelization of food.

Nevertheless, when you manage to make your choice, or you have one, it will be necessary to know how to use it. So if you have no idea how it works and the steps to use it, find out everything in detail here!

Before Using the Electric Barbecue

There are inevitably certain precautions that you must take before proceeding to the step of using your device. In fact, this type of device can be dangerous if it is incorrectly handled.

In reality, the electric barbecue is a device that uses an electric current to function. It is therefore essential that the components or utensils of the electric barbecue are well cleaned and must not show any water residue.

This also means that there should be no accumulation of fat in the bowl or in the tray. Also make sure that the barbecue wire is extended and plugged into an outlet that will support the power of the barbecue, otherwise, it will overheat. In addition, be sure to handle your device well and that children do not come near it, because it is made of a resistance that can burn you.

During Use

As for the use of your electric barbecue, it is simple and easy. All you need to do is preheat the barbecue for usually 5 minutes and add your food to it, adding oil, fat, hot sauces and more. Once your preparations are inside, you will have to wait and turn the less braised parts.

After Use

Once you have finished your preparations, you can turn off the thermostat and unplug the appliance. Once the appliance has been unplugged from the outlet, you must carry out general cleaning of the appliance.

The cleaning of the appliance must include the grill, the heating plates or elements, the cover and the bowl. Indeed, it is possible that all the elements constituting the electric barbecue need cleaning, because the organic residues of the preparations can land everywhere in the appliance.

It is therefore advisable to use for this purpose, dishwashing liquid or black soap for optimal results. You can also equip yourself with a brush adapted to the circumstance. Putting the electric barbecue in a dishwasher can be a big mistake.

Safety Tips

To use your electric barbecue safely, you must:

  • Keep this appliance away from children under 10 years old,
  • Do not use any fuel with this appliance (gasoline or petroleum),
  • Completely unwind the power cord before use,
  • Keep in mind that the hotplate or resistance may be hot after the ignition button is turned off
  • Do not move the device during use and
  • Always monitor the cooking and the surroundings of the appliance.

Finally, to avoid electric shocks, do not immerse the power plug, and the temperature controller in a liquid solution.

Advantages of an Electric BBQ

An electric barbecue is an excellent option if you are a couple, have an apartment with a balcony, you are not allowed to barbecue with an open fire or where smoke nuisance can arise. An electric grill is also immediately ready for use. You don’t have to wait half an hour for the BBQ to reach the right temperature. It’s clean. It is very safe because it does not require the use of explosive liquids and is economical to use. 

No dirty hands made of charcoal and no hassle with gas bottles. The temperature can be set with a knob, so dishes are prepared in a controlled manner. In addition, it does not entail any charred pieces. An electric barbecue is also environmentally friendly because no air pollutants are released. 

No worries about the neighbors: electric barbecuing is hardly a nuisance. Moreover, in bad weather, it can also be used indoors as this BBQ produces little smoke. And it is also advantageous: You only pay for (green) electricity. This also makes it the cheapest way to barbecue.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Purchasing an Electric BBQ?

  1. Look at the Wattage. It’s all about power. With a higher power of 2200 Watt, you can start barbecuing at the right temperature within five minutes.
  2. Choose a barbecue that has a lid so that you can also use the indirect grill method.
  3. Provide a sturdy base for your barbecue and make sure that the grill rack fits in the dishwasher.
  4. Also, buy a bag of smoking wood. By moistening a handful of chunks or chips of smoked wood, wrapping it in aluminum foil, leaving this package slightly open or providing it with holes and placing it on the side on the barbecue during grilling, the dishes still get the extra delicious smoky taste that is often so appreciated with barbecuing on briquettes or charcoal.

Electric Barbecuing Is Healthy

Several BBQ techniques are possible with this BBQ. You can grill with it directly or indirectly. With direct barbecue, the food is directly above the heat source. With indirect barbecue, the food in the barbecue is not placed above but outside the direct radiant heat of the heat source. 

When the lid is placed on the unit, a closed unit is formed, whereby the food is cooked by the indirect heat of the heat source as in a convection oven.

Due to the indirect barbecue technique, barbecues are much healthier, food will burn less quickly. Moreover, no lighter substances such as methylated spirits and firelighters are used that can be dangerous to health. Charcoal and briquettes can smell like gasoline. This is of course not a nice smell that penetrates your pieces of meat.

It is also very important to lubricate your food with oil beforehand. The oil (and also a marinade) protects the food from burning, which in turn makes the barbecue a lot healthier.

Preparation of the Electric Bbq: Easy 4 Tips

Before you start with the BBQ, we would like to give you some tips about which type of BBQ is suitable, which tools are indispensable, and how to ensure that you light the BBQ safely. Get off to a good start!

Choose an Electric Bbq That Suits Your Needs

Think well in advance what you will use the BBQ for and how often. When purchasing you can get good advice. A quality barbecue is slightly more expensive to purchase, but you get a lot in return. “Buy the electric barbecue you can afford, as long as it has a lid on it. 

You are grilling without a lid ”. The lid of the barbecue creates warm air circulation inside the barbecue, which ensures that the meat cooks better. ”

Safety Stands Number 1 When Grilling!

Search YouTube for ‘barbecue fail’ and you’ll find the funniest, awkward, but also serious accidents. And of course, you have to prevent that! Safety is paramount during barbecuing. For example, using two tongs, one to put raw products on the barbecue and one to turn products, will reduce the risk of possible salmonella contamination. 

You must also ensure that your barbecue is on a solid surface so that you prevent the barbecue from falling over. In order to solve accidents quickly, it is not wise to have a bucket of water at hand. Use a powder extinguisher and pull out the first plug.

Are You a Beginning Griller? Apply This Technique!

Barbecuing seems like a breeze. You put meat on the BBQ, turn it over, and you’re done. Oh no! It’s not that easy. It is also very different from cooking with pans. There is more to it. A basic technique that can be useful is the use of two zones, also called the 50/50 method.

There are a hot zone and a cold zone on the barbecue. This cold zone is intended as a safe zone. So if the meat is a little too hard, put it in the cold zone so that you have more control over the cooking of your product.

During the BBQ: It Can’t Be Wrong With These Tips

Your guests are present and have a nice drink in the sun. Everyone is already starting to get a little hungry. So the grilling can begin! But what should you pay attention to when barbecuing? How do you serve the tastiest BBQ dishes? Read the tips below quickly.

Probably Known, but Lub the Grille Well

Everyone probably knows this tip. But still very important to mention again! Lubricate the grill of your barbecue well with oil beforehand. This way the meat will not stick to the grill. Joost van Wijk of GrillnSmoke says: “It is important to use a neutral oil, for example, sunflower oil or soy. Do not use olive oil for the grids of your barbecue, because that will stink and give off a lot of smoke, this is due to the lower combustion rate of olive oil ”.

The Temperature of Your Barbecue Is Essential

Make sure you can keep an eye on the temperature of the barbecue. Sometimes there is a thermometer in the barbecue. But if this is not the case, you can purchase a Bluetooth thermometer to still cook your products at the right temperature

Prepare Different

The normal barbecue products, such as the hamburger, satay, and sausage, are well known to everyone. But do you also know picanha? Picanha is a large roast that you distribute among the eaters. So you grill one type of meat.

Steak Is Easy to Prepare

It doesn’t really matter what kind of barbecue you cook your steaks. As long as you pay close attention to the temperature. The taste experience of steak on the barbecue is much better than in the pan. Also, consider the finch (also known as bavette or flank steak). This piece of meat falls under the forgotten meat, but it is definitely worth a barbecue.